The Razer Tomahawk arrives to put some added flair in your PC build

Razer Tomahawk
Razer Tomahawk (Image credit: Razer)

What you need to know

  • Razer has launched two versions of the Tomahawk PC case at its RazerCon event.
  • We first got a glimpse at the Tomahawk back at CES in January.
  • Both ITX and ATX form factors are catered for in this high-end case.

Way back in January at CES we saw the Razer Tomahawk for the first time. It was a tiny, beautifully designed box with an Intel NUC 9 and RTX 2080 Ti inside. Today, at RazerCon, the Tomahawk is finally a proper retail product, albeit with nothing inside.

Razer is launching the Tomahawk in two sizes as an ITX and ATX PC case for custom builders to go literally nuts in. Razer has collaborated with third-parties like NZXT before on branded PC cases but the Tomahawk represents the first time the company has made its own. And in typical Razer fashion it's immediately gunning for the biggest names in the space.

One of the most impressive elements of the Tomahawk is its unification of an abundance of RGB standards from all different vendors under one; Chroma. Naturally the Tomahawk has Chroma built in, with a pretty spectacular underglow, but beyond that it offers an interface for other companies' RGB to sync up with it. There will be some exceptions, but simply hooking up your motherboard to the Tomahawk is about all it takes.

Source: Razer (Image credit: Source: Razer)

The Tomahawk might have changed a little since the first time we saw it, but the idea of stuffing a massive amount of horsepower inside remains. Even on the ITX version you'll still be able to squeeze even full-sized graphics cards, and while a typical two-slot ITX build won't accomodate the RTX 3090, you could certainly house a card as long.

There are no such troubles on the ATX Tomahawk, naturally, and this is the one that folks looking to go truly wild will probably be looking at. There's a ton of space inside for custom watercooling solutions, as well as support for up to 360mm radiators at the front. In addition it has room for two 140mm fans along the top and both versions of the Tomahawk come with a single fan installed at the rear.

Razer has also put some serious effort into the cable management system on the Tomahawk. Besides just being a thing you should always do when building a system, the fact the Tomahawk has full-length glass panels on both sides makes it sort of essential. The built in system helps you hide as many of your cables as possible without any restrictions to airflow and will make your rig look all the more satisfying. Oh, and the case is completely tool-free to access.

Availability is expected sometime during Fall 2020 with prices in-line with what you'd expect to pay for a high-end PC case. The Tomahawk ITX will retail for $180 while the larger ATX version will cost a little more at $200.

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