The Razer Wildcat controller for the Xbox One is coming with eSports players in mind

Razer is launching a new controller for the Xbox One console that's being made specifically for eSports players. It's called the Razer Wildcat, and it was announced as part of the company's PAX Prime keynote address in Seattle.

While details about the Wildcat are still being revealed, Razer said that the wired controller will include "customizable multi-function hyper response bumpers and triggers" along with "precision trigger stops". The Wildcat will be 260 grams, compared to the regular Xbox One controller's weight of 262 grams and 360 grams for the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller. Each Wildcat will come in its own case. The price will be $149.99 and it will ship in October 2015.

Update: Razer has now released some more details on the Wildcat controller

  • 2 shoulder Hyperesponse Multi-Function bumpers
  • 2 removable Hyperesponse Multi-Function triggers
  • 4 Hyperesponse ABXY action buttons
  • 4 button Quick Control Panel
  • Optional trigger stops for rapid fire
  • 3.5 mm audio port for stereo audio output and microphone input
  • Optional rubber palm grips
  • Optional analog stick grip caps
  • Carrying case
  • Detachable 3 m / 10 ft. lightweight braided fiber cable with Micro-USB connector
  • Approximate size : 106 mm / 4.17 in. (Length) x 156 mm / 6.14 in. (Width) x 66 mm / 2.60 in. (Height)
  • Approximate weight (without cable) : 260 gm / 0.57 lbs

Source: Razer (opens in new tab)

  • E sports you say. Meant for FIFA you say? Wired controller? Bummer
    (Corrections to be made at the end sentence of the article. )
  • Kind of. eSports means the kind of gaming people take seriously enough to call it a sport and become professional gamers. Meaning that is supposed to be an advanced controller with customizations or something. But it's too ugly for my liking and wired. Waiting for the Elite Controller from Microsoft
  • Pro controllers will always be wired.
  • Elite has the option. But it comes with a long braided cable as well.
  • I'm no Pro but I preferr wired. I no pro at spelling either...
  • Amazing!!
  • 262 games?
  • ^THIS!!!! Not the comment but the Name!!!! Lllllove It!!!!! :D
  • ^^^nnnnnnniiceEeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Same price as the Elite controller? Hah
  • Can't wait for SF5, BUT it's only on ps4
  • And PC
  • Street fighter 5 is coming to pc. Which means I can play it on xbox one when Phil spencer brings us pc to xbox one streaming. Oh and those lovely achievements to thanks to xbox being a service not just stuck on one machine like ps4. Ps4 days are numbered. So behind the times.
  • I prefer Tekken... when is Tekken 7 on the XB1? Are the Tekkens on the 360 available for Backward Compatibility with the One?
  • This controller looks really good. It also sounds like it has very good functionality. But with all due respect to Razer, selling it for the same price s the Xbox One Elite controller, makes it something I just won't consider.
  • Why not? Microsoft's never put out a high-end controller like this, while Razer's whole existence has primarily been about high-end gaming hardware (whether or not you see it as good is subjective, of course).
  • I'll take MS over Razer.  I've never had any issues with the Microsoft in house controllers, but I've had 3 razer mice go out on me in rather annoying ways.  Also their forced implentation of synapses left a rather bitter taste that essentially pushed me to Steelseries. 
  • Let me guess... You can't single click anymore... Everything is considered double-clicking...
  • Actually yes.  Both my Deathadders developed some annoying left click issues.  My first Razer, a Lachesis, developed a nasty firmware bug right outside the warranty period.  Should have left for greener pastures then.
  • I was going to get a Steelseries keyboard myself sometime, just waiting on a paycheck to do it. My dad had a mechanical Logitech that had some keys break, and he got the Apex from Best Buy. It seemed pretty good, but I prefer something with better media keys than it. Regardless, I'm definitely overdue to replace both my mouse AND my keyboard. Regardless, I've seen people with bad luck on most everything, be it Logitech or otherwise. I just haven't know many folks to go Razer, though I know two Steelseries users and haven't heard complaints. I have had some MS controller issues on my end, though. I had a 360 controller where the rubber ripped off of one thumbstick, though that was after HEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAVY use. I had one 360 controller where the Y button kind of stuck. The controller my One came with has some crappy joysticks or something, I think. They're kind of ground up by the controller's stick barriers, and it bothers me. Luckily, I'm trading the thing in before too logn to get the Halo 5 console, so that'll go away. My Titanfall controller didn't seem to develop that issue.
  • My issue is that Razer stuff just feels cheap and nasty, even if its not.  Also the dreadful ruberized materials they use perish very quickly and leave a slimy residue on your hands.
  • i was all for it until I saw the price..... rather mod or build a custom joystick for that price. $80-100 maybe, $150, joystick wins every time.
  • Razer. Makers of the the ugliest things known to humankind. Seriously, worse than UGGs.
  • sure, they are not the prettiest (color choices made by a colorblind designer?) but there is quality in their stuff.
  • certainly something eb would try to force you to buy(instead of far superior 1st party accessories) but then after a few months into the bargain bin never to be seen again
  • Seems pricey for what it is, especially as it's wired only. Basically a wired controller with a built in stereo headset adapter. Plus it looks like something that's been designed for the original Xbox. Put this next to the Elite Xbox controller and it's a no brainer. Did Razer not watch E3 this year?
  • I am unimpressed with Razer's long term durability, and frankly I'm not that huge a fan of the design here.  My only question to razer is this.  Why should I buy this over the Elite controller? 
  • yeah my dad received one of thier mice one of the buttons broke off(never buy a mouse with a 1 button top layer)
  • Elite Controller shits all over this.
  • "While details about the Wildcat are still being revealed, Razer said that the wired controller..." /stops reading
  • Surprised how many people don't realize that wired is a premium feature.  
  • Buy ms give us the ability to have wired and wireless on their pro controller. The elite destroys this controller before they even get out the packaging.
  • Yeah that's not true at all. Wired is the past. It doesn't offer a single advantage over wireless. Wireless technologies have long since reached the point where they will not cut out or have any signal problems for uninterrupted gameplay. Furthermore anyone who claims to be able to notice a difference in speed is lying or delusional. The human brain doesn't process stimuli nearly fast enough to be able to recognise differences in speed of less than 10 milliseconds. And that's only if wireless was slower at all, which it isn't. The xbone elite controller walks all over this one in features. 
  • What Razer should do is make the original Xbox 'Duke' controller for the Xbox One.
  • Lol they should.
  • Elite controller is superior in almost every way. No chance that I'm getting this.
  • Um wtf? The official elite controller is way better. Is has more customisation, looks way better and can be used wireless if one wishes. Did razor watch e3 this year??????
  • I'll get the Microsoft Elite Controller.