Readit picks up support for an additional 18 languages on Windows 10 and mobile

One of the most popular Reddit clients for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile now supports an additional 18 languages in its latest update.

Beyond English, Readit now supports Spanish, Serbian, Chinese, Ukranian, Portuguese, French, Latvian, Romanian, German, Greek, Italian, Dutch and Danish.

Readit also gained various other improvements in this update. The full patch notes are as follows.

Updates for Desktop & Mobile-You can now mark messages as read from the toast notification instead of sending a reply.-Marking a message as read from a toast notification will reduce the tile count on the application tile if you have live tiles enabled-Moderators can now sticky comments from the comment's "more" menu.-Sticky comments will now display a green square marking to the left of OP's name.-The app is now designed and configured for multiple language support. We are only missing a handful of questionable strings in this build.-You can override application language in the settings page. This setting is hardcoded to English.-Readit is now available in 19 languages: English (US), English (AUS), Spanish, Spanish (MX), Spanish (AR), Serbian, Chinese (Traditional), Ukranian, Portuguese, Portuguese (BR), French, French (CA), Latvian, Romanian, German, Greek, Italian, Dutch and Danish.-Fixed some settings not saving (trying to iron out storage, sorry guys).Updates for Mobile-You can now swipe from the left edge to open the hamburger menu. Close it by swiping it off to the left.

Readit's developer is also offering volunteers the chance to help with the translation efforts by joining the project on POEditor. Translations for Finnish, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, Polish and Slovenian are also nearing completion.

Readit is free supported by ads, with cross-buy purchasing to remove ads across all current and future Windows 10 devices - including Xbox One and HoloLens. Readit sits among the best universal apps currently available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile, Reddit fans should definitely check it out.

Download Readit from the Windows Store (free)

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