Windows 8

In August, Microsoft said that Windows 10 would not be able to run older PC games that have either the SafeDisc or Securom DRM program, citing security concerns. Now a more recent security update for Windows 7, 8 and Vista prevents those PC games from running on these affected operating system.

The update, MS15-097, was first released on September 8. The support page for this download says:

"In addition to the changes that are listed for the vulnerabilities that are described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-097, this security bulletin addresses a defense-in-depth update for the secdrv.sys driver, a third-party driver. The update turns off the service for the secdrv.sys driver. This may affect the ability to run some older games."

The update page also provides a workaround so that PC games with these DRM measures can run again on Windows 7, 8 and Vista. However, Microsoft does caution that it "may make a computer or a network more vulnerable to attack by malicious users or by malicious software." It's important to keep in mind that this update will likely only affect a small number of PC owners who still own and play these older games that uses this now out-of-date DRM protection.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Neowin

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