Audio is so important these days. Whether you are a content creator or just need a quality mic for your next work-related meeting, an audio upgrade can make you seem more professional. Grab the Shure MV7X XLR microphone on sale for $149 at Amazon. That's a $30 drop from its regular price and one of the first times we've ever seen it drop this low. You can find it going for this price at several retailers, too, including Best Buy.

Shure Mv7x Xlr Mic

Shure MV7X XLR podcast mic | $30 off

This is a great dynamic mic that's perfect for podcasting, content creation, video voiceovers, and all that sort of stuff. The price is a new low on Amazon as well.

The MV7X is a great mic for podcasting and other forms of content creation because it uses a dynamic cartridge, a cardioid pick-up pattern, and a shock mount. This leads to maximum voice isolation so only the crystal clear sound of the words you utter are picked up. The cardioid pattern ensures devices behind the mic, like your keyboard or speakers, aren't making noises that will be picked up. Dynamic mics are also very different from condensor mics (like the Blue Yeti) and tend to be more focused on the details of your voice rather than grabbing sound from a wider area.

Since the mic uses an XLR output, that makes it easy to connect to professional interfaces like the GoXLR or the Focusrite Solo. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your audio to perfection and set it up right every time. With the right device you can even combine multiple mics or pair the recording of your voice with the recording of an instrument.

The mic is also compatible with a wide array of mic stands and even includes an extra adapter for different sizes. Shure backs up the MV7X with a two-year warranty.

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