Record Life's Best Moments in 360 Degree Video, All Hands-Free

We live in an exciting time for people interested in the latest virtual reality advancements. There are many different ways to experience stunning experiences in virtual reality, whether with a VR headset hooked up to a PC, one of the newer standalone VR headsets coming out, or even by using your phone and a mobile VR headset. But on the other end of the pool, capturing 360-degree video is still a whole ordeal.

There are more and more compact 360 cameras coming out on the market but they still require a lot of active engagement — you either have to hold them up over your head or set them up on selfie stick or tripod to capture. And they work fine enough, except that you've got to stop whatever you're doing to start capturing the 360 video.

That's where Linkflow saw an opportunity to innovate with FITT360 — the first 360-degree camera that you wear around your neck.

So how does it work? Well instead of some of the kind of ridiculous rigs you may have seen that use multiple GoPro-style cameras in an array or a little handheld dome like the Samsung Gear 360, the FITT360 uses three HD cameras strategically placed to capture everything going on around you. It has IPX6 water resistance and a 90-minute battery life so even if the weather turns on you, you and your FITT360 will be alright.

Starting a recording is as easy as pressing a button and off you go. You can start recording on the device itself without messing around with a mobile app, but after you've completed your hike, bike ride, or stroll through a busy market you can use the FITT360 app (available for iOS and Android) to view and edit your captures as 360 videos or photos, or isolate the capture from one of the three cameras.

This isn't the first tech you wear around your neck that we've seen this year — Bose came out with a similarly designed wearable speaker this year — so the neck and shoulders just may be the next space where we start seeing more interesting tech accessories pop up.

The FITT360 will retail for $699, but there are deals to be had for Kickstarter backers right now! You can snag your very own FITT360 at a super early bird price of $396, which gets you the FITT360, a charging cable, and a carrying pouch. If you're an early adopter who loves to show off your latest tech in your home, you might be more interested in the complete set perk which includes a stylish display cradle.

There are just a handful of days remaining on this Kickstarter project which as already well surpassed its funding goal. This is Linkflow's first Kickstarter and they aim to start shipping units to backers by October 2018, and if you back them here you can score the stylish red model that's exclusive to Kickstarter backers.

See the FITT360 on Kickstarter

Marc Lagace