ReCore is getting HDR support on the Xbox One S

Earlier this year, Microsoft introduced a slimmed-down revision of its flagship gaming console, the Xbox One S. While performance was mostly unchanged, the console introduced HDR support for select titles – significantly expanding the range of both contrast and color displayed on-screen.

It has now been revealed that Microsoft's recent action-based platformer, ReCore, is on track to receive the HDR treatment in the coming months.

In an unexpected announcement on Twitter, general manager at Microsoft Studios Publishing, Shannon Loftis, has revealed that ReCore will be receiving an update adding HDR support in the near future. Although no specific date was provided, Loftis outlined that the update will be dropping sometime 'in the new year'.

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ReCore is one of the few remaining titles from Microsoft's fall 2016 lineup not to support HDR. Following the release of both Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4, which are both HDR enabled, support for ReCore is long overdue. With a number of third-parties also enabling support for existing titles, the Xbox One is building up a respectable library of HDR enabled content.

Are you looking forward to HDR support for ReCore? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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  • Nice! Really liking the game.. HDR will only make it better :)
  • HDR @8fps A-OK! So glad I got a PC that allowed me to play that game in good condition. On Xbox One I would have ask for a refund.
  • I will admit that I haven't played through the game yet, and are still in the beginning of the game (just bought it), but I haven't experienced any lag/low framerate from the game yet?
    Maybe HDR will do that on the one s, but we will see..
  • I've played it at 30FPS on my Xbox One and at 60FPS on my PC - Yeah it looks noticeably nicer maxed out and feels a lot smoother on PC but I still found it easy enough to switch between the two and not have the 30FPS bother me that much.
  • Just started playing this game on PC and it is a ton of fun! I get what other's say about it feeling like a newer take on an older game style. The movement is sort of like a fairly forgiving Mario 64. The level design is sort of like the older 3D zelda games full of interesting puzzles. The battles are sort of like the newer Metroid games... well, I guess not quite. And the story is a fun Sci-Fi romp.
    The game is not particularly difficult (granted, I am still towards the beginning), but it is very fun and engaging, and I find myself spending most of my time just exploring the world looking for stuff.
    Tons of fun! Highly suggest it! Especially for the $15-20 price tag that it has been on sale for the last few days. PS: If anyone from ReCore happens to read this, those of us playing on PC in 4K would also love to have HDR. Beautiful game! And HDR would add to all of the cool lighting effects!
  • The difficulty level definitely gets cranked up in the final area, requiring very precise timing. Thankfully the developers did a great job with the controls and level design that it's not impossible... one of the many reasons why that sale price is a steal for this under-rated gem of a game.
  • HDR support would be nice, but I'd rather let the developers finish the game first. Release the final corebot companion and any hidden areas only accessible with this 'bot!