Red Dead Redemption 2 steps into the boots of an outlaw with new trailer

The second trailer for Rockstar's Read Dead Redemption 2 is here, giving us our first real glimpse at some of the game's story threads. In it, we get a look at outlaw Arthur Morgan, who belongs to the Van Der Linde gang.

It's a brief trailer, and we don't learn much more about the game, but it's a tantalizing look at what's to come — especially given how quiet Rockstar has been about the game in recent months.

Red Dead Redemption 2, the followup to the popular Xbox 360 title Red Dead Redemption, was originally set for a fall 2017 release. That was later delayed, and the game is now due out for release in spring 2018 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The game is up for preorder now for $59.99.

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  • Hey there
    i'm still recommending everyone steer clear of R* products. At the very least, dont buy new.
    Read this: When the job market was in a severe downturn, they released game of the year, and immediately laid off a huge chunk of the team who made them all that money. There were rumors that they did this so bonuses wouldn't have to be paid, rumors..
    I heard they tried to hire some of the same people back a few months later. Those people would have lost their longevity perks like vacation time, 401k vesting, etc...
    I was personally "let go" just before the release, as were some of my friends. Many of the people who were let go had been there for 7yrs or more. They kept the younger, cheaper talent.
  • Road Redemption (road rash) is back!!