Reddit app ReddX will be rewritten to run on Windows 10, Xbox, Phone, and HoloLens

Microsoft's Windows 10 promises to bring a unified front to developers who previously had to pick a platform to write their app on. Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 have seen middling releases, although the pain was less on Windows due to it being able to run legacy x86 software. Xbox One development, on the other hand, is only open to those companies with deep budgets.

Windows 10 looks to fix all of that as developers can write for all, with only minor changes between the platforms, as well as the new holographic computer platform called HoloLens.

ReddX is a Reddit app for the Xbox One and evidently, it will be jumping to all platforms sometime in the future, including HoloLens.

The news comes with no irony from Reddit, where the ReddX developers post updates and answer questions about their app on a regular basis. In a recent thread entitled 'Is ReddX done or will there be more updates?', the developers took to allaying fears that the app is no longer being updated:

"ReddX in its current form is going to have one more update plus a geoexpansion to the remaining Xbox One markets, except China. The update will add more features and bug fixes.""After that it will be completely rewritten as a true universal app to run on Xbox, Windows 10, Windows Phone, and HoloLens. Yes, HoloLens. :)"

Although the announcement seems a bit crazy, we have to believe the ReddX developers about their plans. After all, releasing their app to Xbox One is nothing trivial, and they must be working closely with Microsoft already. If they are part of Microsoft's TAP (Technology Adoption Programs), they already have access to early-release SDKs and can more appropriately plan their software roadmap.

How ReddX will work on HoloLens remains to be seen, but we are looking forward to trying it out! For now, you can head to for more information about the Xbox One app.

Source: Reddit; Thanks, Afnan N., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

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