Reddit! for Windows 8 is a beautiful and functional app for browsing Reddit

We’re always on the hunt for great apps across Windows Phone and Windows 8. We find that the Windows Phone Store has had a longer time to mature than the Windows Store. Which is why it’s easier for us to find high quality apps on Windows Phone, but more time is probably needed for the Windows Store to see killer apps in higher numbers. Reddit! is one of those higher quality Windows 8 app. With Reddit! you can browse the popular online community. Let’s check it out.

We’re pretty big fans of Reddit around here. It’s a great place to not only kill time, but connect with other people in the various subreddits that share similar interests to you. We go on Reddit often when we’re not busy pumping out articles for you guys and gals.

Typically we like to use Reddit using the ‘Reddit Enhancement Suite’ (RES). That’s a very popular browser extension that makes using Reddit in browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari a joy. It also helps turn you into a power user for Reddit. However, you can’t use RES on tablets like the Surface 2 or Lumia 2520 since Internet Explorer doesn’t feature extension support. Which means we need great modern apps for Windows 8 to really get our Reddit on when on our Surface 2.

Reddit! is an app that’s been out a while, but one we haven’t covered yet. Which is a shame because we like it a lot. Since you can’t actually leave comments using the app, it mainly excels as an app to give you a passive browsing experience on Reddit. Here’s what the app can do:

  • Login to easily view your subscriptions and upvote/downvote posts and comments!
  • Read comments, quickly see highly rated comments and comments from the OP
  • Pictures linked in comments are automatically displayed
  • Endless scrolling - automatically fetches more
  • Comment previews while you are viewing posts
  • List of pictures for each subreddit to quickly navigate
  • Save pictures to your picture library
  • No ads and it's free!​ I enjoy this stuff!

The developer is clearly passionate about Windows 8. They’ve made Reddit! free, with no-ads, for users to enjoy. And we very much do enjoy it.

Log in with your Reddit account and you’ll be greeted with a view of all the various subreddits you subscribe to. Just scroll and tap the one you want to dive into.

You’ll then be looking at a single post. The post will display the text, video, GIF, image or other content in that post. You can swipe left and right to glide between posts. The bottom left you’ll see the top comment. Tap that to have the comments all fly in from the right. You can tap an individual comment to give it an upvote or downvote. Sadly you can’t comment yourself. On that subreddits view you can tap ‘more’ in the top right comment to get an overview of all the posts that are popular. You can browse and jump into them from there if you want a faster browsing experience.

While Reddit! isn’t as feature complete as we’d like, it’s a great app for browsing Reddit. We’d of course love to be able to leave comments, submit posts and have support for other Reddit services like saving links. However, we’re complaining over a free app with no ads. That means we can’t really complain, just provide some helpful feedback!

Want to try out Reddit! on your Surface 2 or Windows 8 machine yourself? Download it from the Windows Store (opens in new tab). Remember, it’s free! 

Sam Sabri
  • I was just thinking to open website))
  • Sure. That's fine on machines like the Surface Pro where you have can run full browser extensions.  But on machines like the Surface 2 it's a pain to use the Reddit website. At least you won't be as effective. 
  • Nah mate you gotta try this app, it is just impeccable visual experience. The speed and simplicity is great. Swipe up to return to the main menu is a little unorthodox but handy nonetheless.
  • Love this app. Simply amazing UI.
  • How does it compare to ReddHub?
  • Will it work on my mac? Nah jk I'll try it out on my alienware labtop, still its ashame it won't work on my Mac pro (you know the trash can) because it'll look great on my Asus 4K monitor.
  • The heck?
  • *backs away slowly*
  • Can't find it...  
  • Bet it'll be years before a Quora WP app...
  • Slow news day?
  • R/wtf
  • Nothing meaningful to contribute today? :)
  • I use redditing, less bells and whistles but works to my liking.
  • Redditing is a great app.
  • yeah I agree, it's a great app.
  • Agreed
  • Redditing is much better for a power user. If you don't have an account and just lurk most of the time, this app can work fine.
  • It would have been nice if it supported multiple accounts. I certainly like the UI better than Reddit To Go, but that app has multiple account support.
  • A while back there was mention of a Readit app being made for Windows 8. This looks great, don't get me wrong (downloading as we speak), but are there updates on that?
  • Yes, it's coming. The dev said (on reddit), that he's prioritizing WP8.1 developement and will do that first, then W8 app. Hopefully at june-july.
  • I installed a while back and love it! Just how Metro apps should be made.
  • This app is absolutely stunning.
  • I prefer /r/etro it's much simpler
  • Waiting for Readit. Will be released after 8.1
  • /slaps self. This app is gorgeous. I thought it was about Reddit To Go, which has a much more simplistic and 'meh' UI.. This app is wonderful, only felt this kind of quality with apps like Floorboard and Cocktail Flow..
  • it looks good but how the heck do you add a comment???  until i figure out, it's back to reddhub.  plus, that annoying right-click sends you all the way out of the subreddit you're in.
  • Just absorb the content bro
  • so the app doesn't allow you to comment?  :(
  • What happened to Readit being made for Windows 8 anyone know? I'm kinda holding out for that although this does look pretty awesome!
  • One of the best apps, can't wait for comments update.
  • No one still hasn't explained how to post a comment using this app.