Xbox Live’s Major Nelson posted a video on Vine, showcasing the Xbox One’s ability to easily input and redeem codes. The process is simple: give a voice command, scan a QR code, and start gaming. How long does the entire process take, you ask? As the spirit of Vine would hint – six seconds.

We have seen a lot of cool video demos of Xbox One, but somehow this simple six second Vine is one of our favorites. Maybe it is simply because it removes the dreaded process of painstakingly entering a twenty-five digit key code with a thumb stick.

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Simply say “Xbox, use a code” and show the console your QR code printed on the back of your redeemable item and you are all set. Make sure to watch Major Nelson’s Vine, above, for the full effect.

Only a bit more than two weeks away from the Xbox One launch – who is excited?! 

Source: Vine; via Major Nelson's Blog