Redfly Gets Revved -- Two New Models

Celio is updating their line of Redfly Mobile companions. There are two new models that replace the original C8: The C8N and the C7.

The C8N is pretty much identical to the original Redfly with a one important difference. They've added a “Media Port” which, with a $20 cable (you have to buy it separately) will allow you to use the Redfly as a screen for an iPod, Zune, or whatever else you've got with a composite video out (that's the 'yellow plug'). The cable also has another USB port on it for charging. Otherwise you're looking at the same 8 hours of battery life and an 8“ 800x480 screen. The price for this model is $299.

They're also introducing a newer low-end model called the C7. It's the same Redfly you know and possibly love but they've reduced costs by dropping the screen down to 7 inches (though it's still 800x480 screen resolution) and also by reducing the size of the battery to 5 hours instead of 8. The two changes combine to cut a half pound off the weight of the device. The price here: $229.

Both models also feature a slightly redesigned keyboard (though it's still not full sized), wherein the OK has been conveniently placed next to the arrow keys and the function keys at the top have been reordered. They're also both now a much more conservative black color. Overall, we're not entirely sure that it's a great idea to take a product that already requires some explanation and further muddy the waters by adding two different models. On the other hand, both models are better than the original in their own way: pick a media port or pick reduced weight.

You can get the full skinny on how the Redfly works by checking out our full review of the original Redfly. Speaking of that original, it's still keeping that reduced $199 price at the WMExperts Store until stock runs out.

One thing we had to keep close to the vest here: for our Smartphone Round Robin we're giving away an HTC Fuze and a Redfly. What we didn't tell you is that the Redfly we're giving away is the new C8N. That's right, every day you comment in an official Round Robin post or forum at WMExperts you're entered for another chance to win this great package -- check out all of our updates to the Round Robin here.

WC Staff
  • Fuze wins hands down. Faster processor, better display, better's a no brainer.
  • I dunno -- one-handed use is hard to give up...
  • Thank you, Dieter. Excellent side by side comparison and you bring up all of the key issues related to using the devices. I'm primarily interested in the Fuze, narrowing down my choice to that or Samsung Epix or Blackberry Bold...a tough decision either way. But you've definitely given me some good insight on the Fuze!
  • I agree with Dieter. The front face keyboard is my pick too. I liked the vertical slider of my old Sprint PPC6601 over the horizontal slider, but prefer the no moving parts of the Treo style.
  • I have been looking to replace my treo 750 I have bene thinking about the fuze epix and treo pro. I have heard at my local ATT store they are putting out the Pro sometime in December 08 pricing unknown. I have played with the epix and they are out of the fuze but told me there are quality control issues with the fuze and they were not recommending it. I have heard nothing else bad about the fuze in any of the reviews so I am still considering it but obviously having had a 600 and 650 and now the 750 I am used to the treo form and its probably on the top of my list for now. But the higher resolution screen is sounding better on my 56 year old eyes.
  • For me I'd go with the Fuze. Palm just didn't go far enough, the old CPU is pathetic as is the somewhat low res screen...they should have at least gone with a 480x480 display. I mean other than the screen res, it's no better than the AT&T Tilt, which has been out for quite sometime now.
  • I've owned both now. I'm a long time WM Palm fan, and I am one of the few that was really disappointed by the Treo Pro. To me it's just a HTC phone with the Palm Querty on the front. It really didn't even feel like a Palm phone. So I returned it. So I decided to pick up the Fuze, and I have been blown away. I don't agree about the screen, the Fuze screen is VGA, and has brilliant color and clarity, way better than the Treo Pro. I also find that the smudges and fingerprints bother me less than they did on the Treo Pro. I do miss the buttons and front facing kb of the Treo, but the Fuze keyboard is a big improvement over the tilt and I like the layout. Plus with the Fuze you have a lot more customization opportunities as there are more apps., such as Sling Player, that will work on the Fuze and not the 320x320 Treo Screen. Just my thoughts.
    George always writes up fantastic reviews with great photos. Big kudos to him again!
  • I'd thought Dieter Bohn did the review but I see I'm wrong. Sorry George!
  • uh oh - coppertop4@gmail - be careful!
  • Excellent head to head review. I would love to see a three way head to head with the Touch Pro and Diamond and 800w on Sprint.
  • Nice comparison between the two devices. I bought a Treo Pro last month and just picked up the HTC Fuze after returning my BlackBerry Bold. The BlackBerry Bold is the BEST BB device on the market, but with my Exchange server at work it just wasn't a practical solution.
    I have adapted my typing on the Treo Pro so I am quite fast with it. I am disappointed that a lot of the Palm customizations are missing and as said earlier it really is an HTC device with a Palm name on it. It is a great one handed device though.
    I think the Fuze display BLOWS away the display on the Treo Pro. The 320x320 on the Treo Pro seems a little lackluster to me. One thing I can't stand about the Fuze is all of the AT&T crapware they loaded up on it. Wow, have some control AT&T! If I keep it I will definitely be visiting XDA Developers to clean up the device and make it more usable.
  • Excellet review as always. I have to admit, I would not have predicted such a close review between the two before I read it!
  • If you are considering (or have purchased) the Fuze, I HIGHLY recommend heading over to xda-developers and checking out a couple of the cooked ROMs. Most notably (in my opinion), NATF has done a superb job of stripping out the ATT bloatware from the stock ROM, and a few other improvements make the TouchFLO just rock for speed compared to the stock ROM. Another improvement is the sensitivity of the touchscreen; it makes maneuvering with just a thumb a pleasure, almost to the level of an iPhone. Also, they have cabbed the stripped files to make piecemeal re-installation a piece of cake.
    I am a longtime BB user and don't know if I'm going to keep the Fuze, but I am seriously impressed by all the things that WM can do these days. It has come a long way in the years I've been away from it.
  • i played with it in store and found the same. its a great phone but i think it boils down to if your NEED your buttons. if your buttons then your treo if not then your fuze
  • I've used the 800W and the Touch Pro and I still am not very productive using the Touch Pro one handed. I think the potential buyer needs to figure out whether their main use is short tasks and messages or longer operations and messages. For short tasks the front facing keyboard is definitely easier in my opinion.
  • I've used the 800W and the Touch Pro and I still am not very productive using the Touch Pro one handed. I think the potential buyer needs to figure out whether their main use is short tasks and messages or longer operations and messages. For short tasks the front facing keyboard is definitely easier in my opinion.
    agreed, I am more efficient on the Treo800 for long tasks too.
    I have tried and extensively used all three types. Front keyboard, no keyboard and slider.
    Front keyboard is best for me. That is why it is great to have choice, one size doesn't fit all..