Remember to Drink, a Windows Phone app to help you hydrate

Remember to Drink is a Windows Phone app designed to help you drink the right amount of water during the day. Staying hydrated is an important aspect of good health and this app will not only remind you to drink but will also track your water intake and adjust your intake needs based on your weight, gender, sports activity, outdoor temperature and more.

The interface is straightforward with Remember to Drink making it almost effortless to record what you drink and after using the app for the past few days, it comes across as a useful health and fitness app for your Windows Phone.

When you first launch Remember to Drink, you will need to set up a few parameters such as your gender, weight and units of measurement. While you can always access the app's settings later to adjust your weight (and change your gender if necessary), I was not able to find a way to change your units of measurement. I'm not sure if this is an oversight by the developer but make sure you choose the correct measurement system at launch.

Remember to Drink has just a trio of main pages that will outline your current status, list your daily intake and view you overall drinking history. Two control buttons line the bottom of these main pages to access the app's settings and view the FAQ section. You also have a host of options up under the three-dot menu that include removing the ad support, rate the app, contact the developer and view the disclaimer and developer credits.

Settings for Remember to Drink cover a wide range of topics, spread out across a handful of pages, which include:

  • Personal Parameters: Here is where you can set your weight, gender, set your fluids with food and view your recommended daily intake of water.
  • Notifications: Not only can you turn on/off notifications to remember to drink but also the time period you want to receive these notifications and the type (strong, soft and normal).
  • Quiet Hours: If you have activities during the day when you don't want to be bothered with drinking water, you can set quit hours where the app will not pester you. You can also establish a daily time for a nap.
  • General: Only one option here and that is to set your language preference. I'm guessing choice of measurement systems should have gone on this page.

Your primary interface with Remember to Drink will occur on the Current Status main page. Here you will find options to add water you've consumed, change the default volume, adjust intake based on the temperature and adjust the intake base on exercise.

You will also have a bar graph displaying your current daily intake along with a running total and a cartoon water drop to illustrate your daily intake. The more water you drink during the day will eventually turn the water drop's frown into a smile.

The Today and History main pages are fairly self-explanatory with options to delete intake records from your Today page and the ability to change the date range graphed on the History page.

Overall Impression

Remember to Drink is a nice water intake management app. It goes beyond the basics by allowing you to adjust your intake needs based on exercise, outdoor temperature and on any fluids the food you eat may contain.

The only nit I really can find with Remember to Drink is that while you can change a container's volume, the amounts are pre-set without the ability to fully customize a container. I don't think it is a deal breaker but it would be nice to have the ability to have a 16 oz. water bottle.You also have a slight glitch with the ad-support not displaying banners and the option to remove the ads yields a blank page. Neither impact the performance of the app though.

All in all, Remember to Drink is a Windows Phone app worth trying if you need to monitor and manage your water intake.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • And i was just thinking of how i need to drink more water. Must be a sign. 
  • What has worked for me is having a single 20 oz bottle at work and another at home. You should drink at least 3 of them during the course of the day. There are many sugar-free flavor packets you can buy that you add to the 20 oz bottle to make it less boring. For me drinking my 60 oz per day has become easy. The biggest change to get used to is urinating so frequently!
  • The amount of water and milk people are supposed to drink daily is a physical impossibility. According to the NIH adults should be drinking 3-5 glasses of milk a day. According to this app, I should be drinking 8 20oz bottles of water a day. I tend to drink about 2-3 17 ounce bottles a day, one at work, 1 or 2 at home. I don't have time to drink more water at work and I'd have to drink the other 6 bottles at home in a matter of 6 hours. That's way too much water for that time period. Plus the milk.
  • That's nuts! That much milk gives you way too many calories. I've been told to drink 64 oz of water per day and have been able to easily accomplish that.
  • Yeah. I do a little under the 60 oz per day. Personally, when it comes to water,I think this app may be a little bogus.
  • I actually have a cousin who hates water (i know right?). She literally throws up if she gulps down a glass of water, shes wierd! She never drinks water and honestly i have no clue how she's still alive. 
  • How much beer and wine should I be drinking? I hear a glass of wine a day is good for you. Lots of antioxidants.
  • It recommends 190 ounces per day for me. At 8 ounces per glass, that is approximately 24 glasses of fluids each day. This is obviously not correct.
  • Next app, remember to blink.....
    This is our life now....
  • Such super specific kinda niche/novelty apps are a good signal ..they tell that we have almost all the basics covered...and the developers are exploring sometimes weird but interesting possibilities..... All In all great app...
  • Lol, For now we'll take any app we get. God knows WP platform needs all the apps it can get. We get critized for it by the rest of the world (most of them fanboys of course). But anything to continue to grow our platform is good for us. 
  • 2020 App of the year "Remember to breathe" LOL
  • Rofl!!!! :D
  • Father got admitted twice in hospital due to severe dehydration. This will help. Thanks
  • Now apps are gonna be new docs..!! Lol..May he get well soon though....
  • Oh my God. Tomorrow we will have stupid apps that will tell us to go to bathroom because we forget.
  • Haha!
  • It's that nature's call..?? We can't ignore this one..!!
  • After drinking much water, we surely can't miss that ;)
  • You might think this is stupid but it is to help people drink the right amount of water per day not to remind.
  • Hahahaha! I think the future maybe "Time to go to the bathroom" app is for gamers!!!
  • Some people need to be reminded to drink so not stupid. When you feel thirst it's already too late.
  • Yeah I'm one of those. Been drinking coffee and soda must of my adult life so now that I'm cutting down on coffee and not drinking any soda this is a great app. If not then I can go a whole day without water.
  • Just download to show your care to developer, and then you can count the app that never you use ghahaha
  • Beer is 95% water.
  • 5% are alcohol.
  • True. But alcohol cause dehydration. For every 12oz beer you drink you will urinate roughly 14oz of h2o. Your bodies way of trying to get rid of the alcohol.
  • Stupid body.
    We need an app to keep alcohol concentration at the Ballmer peak...
  • No problem, just drink another 16oz of beer to replace the 14oz of water lost.
  • This app does a very simple but very important task. Not for only ill people but also for everyone. Most of the people don't take enough water in a day.
  • Been waiting for this!
  • I like this app .. I used to use this on ios or rather similar type of an app .. Its very helpful
  • I need to rehydrate properly after a session of football (soccer). This may help a little.
  • Remember to take medicine... This can be more useful
  • "click the ad to hide it for today" is this not against any of the ad suppliers terms? To suggest users to click on ads.
  • I suspect it opens the link of the Ad and when you return to the water app, no more ads for the day.
  • Yes but i think suggesting users to click on ads is forbidden.
  • Thanks but I have a brain
  • Must be some Water Doctor worried about the people. Anyway the app looks simple, good for children and.. Blue. The water dude is cute.
  • Yesterday we saw an app charging a dolar for a background image. Today an app to remember you to drink water. Microsofts new plan to close the WP app hap is really on a roll...
  • That app was updated today, and the developer removed the fee. Happy new year
  • You do realise that Microsoft made neither of these apps?
  • wow I just noticed how much I need this app. thanks WPCentral
  • WPCentral?
  • My mom and sister were just talking about this app over Christmas. It's good to see these kind of apps coming to WP
  • All I need is How To Sleep Fast apps....
  • What works for me is when I am thirsty is I drink some water
  • Drink when you're thirsty? Wow, you are a genius. Haha
  • Same here! What do animals in the wild do when they forget to pack their smartphone?
  • The healthy thing is to drink BEFORE you are thirsty.
  • If I only drank water when I'm thirsty, I'd only drink like 600 ml every day. That's not healthy.
  • Why drink water when there's coffee, beer and wine?
  • I know this is a joke but beer and wine actually dehydrate you, I'm not sure about coffee tho but someone told me it does that too.
  • All the above dehydrate, but that makes you thirsty to drink more water.
  • Checking this out today. Thanks, George!
  • Nice app. Have a water tracker already but it doesn't have reminders. People would be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in our days and not consume enough water. I walk around with a bottle all day and routinely ignore using it as I do my daily routine. I'll give this a shot.
  • Just remember to do the research in bottles water first. Gross....
  • Good effort..
  • You can change the volume of the container.. Select the container and then there will a slider below it.. Hit on "-" to reduce or "+" to increase it..
  • After some thinking, I guess it will fulfill some niche, but if this deserves to be the top news for Windows Store, there is something horribly wrong with Windows Store, or with this site. I think that you haven't reviewed at least several apps in Best of 2014 collection (both on Windows Phone Store and Windows Store) and this has caught your attention - so in part it is yours fault, too.
  • Drinking when you are thirsty is really enough unless you are in some extreme environment. To much water could actually be harmful.
  • True that. Water poisoning can be a bitch :(
  • Some of us rarely get thirsty (or are not very sensitive to thirst), so we need reminders like this to drink a healthy amount of water.
  • Great, this is just what I needed... Hopefully they will soon bring out an app to remind me to breath...
  • Needs to be a feature in the "Microsoft Health" app. I took care of my daily water needs by telling Cortana to remind me to drink water every two hours during awake hours. My Microsoft Band buzzes a nice long reminder, says "Drink Water". I can then dismiss it. I guess it might also be useful to set an "alarm" for the same thing since then you could snooze. Maybe you could get creative and register your office water cooler or kitchen location's GPS coordinates as a place and every time you are near it, it would prompt you to drink water. Water under-consumption (along with soda/Coffee/Tea OVER-Consumption) is one of the key things contributing to our growing obesity problem. Throw in lack of the recommended 7-7.5 hours of sleep and now the problem is worse, as your body's reaction to that is to prompt you to drink MORE sweetened soda/coffee/tea. "You see Happy, it's circular." ;)
  • People joke about this, but most people are actually dehydrated and don't realize it.
  • How do you know that?
  • Cause I'm very active in the health and fitness community and have friends in the medical field. You really think a majority of the population drinks more than a gallon of water a day? The answer is no.
  • Ok. Do you have any reference on that to share? Drinking when you is thirsty (which I assume most people do) is enough is what I've learned:
  • The correct answer would involve a urine test. I can't tell you. Like I said, a gallon a day is a good number to shoot for. You have to drink alot of water in a short period of time to cause any issues. And I mean alot, like gallon and above in one sitting. It should never be an issue. Water is the best detox agent for your body.
  • Ok. Do you have any trustworthy sources for your claims? 1 gallon (3.7 liter) sounds like a lot to me (however I don’t think it’s any significant risk to drink that much). I would guess that I drink just about half of that a normal day. Which risks will I take by just trusting my body on how much a need to drink? Which benefits will I get by drinking more?
  • I know plant nanny is another hydration-reminder app that also has reminders to drink water. It's really similar to this app and I love it! It's also got a planting/gardening theme and it's so adorable!!!! ♡ Oh gosh I should like an advertiser LOL :3.
  • LOLPLUS.. If you live in ireland irish water will love this..
  • It seems you post about what I think of... Just today I was thinking of such an app. And today you posted about such an app. And this has happened several times. Maybe I have got sorry super powers or maybe Windows Central is just too much connected to Me.
  • Did anyone else notice that in the article's title if you take out the comma it looks like they're saying to "drink a Windows phone app to help you hydrate"
  • Think I will write an app to remind people to sleep
  • I love it when I see people come on comment threads and criticize people for using an app like this.  People have busy lives.  I'm sure people drink water throughout the day when they are thirsty.  This is a niche app for people that are interested in drinking what is recommended on a daily basis, and need reminders to do that.  As the author of Water Log, a similar app (that I admittedly let get stale) which has over 75,000 downloads, there is clearly a desire for apps like this.  The author of this app looks to have implemented things that I honestly wasn't willing to spend the time on.  I wish them nothing but success!  Take the feedback with a grain of salt, and implement the features that your actual users care about.
  • Niche app for idiots. If you aren't smart enough to drink enough water without using an app you have more problems than hydration
  • Since I wrote the app for myself, as I wasn't drinking enough water every day, I guess I'm an idiot. Thanks for the insight.
  • Thank you for this, need this as a reminder to ensure I have my daily intake everywhere I go
  • Seriously? You need an app for that? Who's sponsoring this thing? Nestle?? Your body will tell you when you need to drink something. It's called getting thirsty. Don't believe all the crappola the waterbottle companies are selling you, as you don't need all that water per day. Also, drinking too much water can get you killed. Serioudsly, look it up.
  • Seriously you think water is gonna kill us? ahahahaah such an Hater! ahaha
    Some people have problem to remember when to drink, get informed. I found this app very helpfull.
  • Fixed that for ya: Basic way to check if you're drinking (not) enough: If your pee is very lightly yellow, you're drinking too much. If it starts to get almost brownish yellow, you're drinking too little. Keep in mind that some foods can actually change the color of your pee. So... basic way to check. Sorry to started off so harsh, but these 'drink at least xx amount of water' stuff is always making me angry. People have different needs, and while sitting all day at the oofice, you get plenty of fluids while drinking coffee, tea, during lunch etc. Even when exercising it's wise not to overcompensate with water. Dilutional hyponatremia is a real thing with mostly athletes, and military in the field for that matter.
  • Never heard of drowning....
  • I found this app very helpfull.
  • I'll stick with Waterlogger since I've chosen not to upgrade (at this time) my Lumia 1020 to 8.1.
  • Any time not spent grabbing and playing with your phone is well spent, including grabbing a glass of water.
  • The volume of a container is customisable. Hit the middle button on the left of the Current Status screen to see the list of available cups and bottles, then hit + or - to change the volume.  It has a number of preset types of container which actually makes it really easy to customise it to the volumes that are common for you.
  • I don't drink water, Never have never will.
  • Remove the ads pls
  • People's lives are 40% less productive than 20 years ago because we're too busy buying, actvating, setting up, configuring and maintaining overkill devices loaded with unnecessary apps to make our lives more productive! It may be a helpful app but most of us learned these simple things in health class; that together with what our body and brain is saying... ... I'd have to say no to this one, too far fetched.
  • So, I need an app to remind me drink??? Really??? If you need a phone app to remind you to drink, then you are beyond help IMO. The world has officialy gone mad and common sense no longer exists!!!!! At least this article made me laugh.... Jeez!!!! I will just really on the fact, that my body usually tells me I'm thirsty... It's quicker....
  • So, I need an app to remind me drink??? Really??? If you need a phone app to remind you to drink, then you are beyond help IMO. The world has officialy gone mad and common sense no longer exists!!!!! At least this article made me laugh.... Jeez!!!! I will just rely on the fact, that my body usually tells me when I'm thirsty... It's quicker....