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Reminder: Nokia Lumia 925 launches today on AT&T, available for $99

The Lumia 925 from Nokia goes on sale today at AT&T across the US. The anticipated Windows Phone is finally available for purchase and is listed at $99 when taken out with a new contract. We previously looked at the device when pre-orders kicked off last month. 

We'll be heading on out to pick up a unit (or two) for review purposes so be sure to stay tuned to our feeds for more details, images and some awesome video footage. Should you require a refresh on what the Lumia 925 offers, check out our full review.

Head on over to the AT&T website (opens in new tab) (available in black - 5-7 days shipping) or pop into your local branch for more details and to pick your Lumia 925 up.

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Just got one. Slick phone and nice weight compared to my 920.
  • Does it come with GDR2?
  • Yes
  • Lol, it is a running joke but yes it does.
  • This is THE way to get GDR2 from AT&T... Change your handset !
  • I still preferring 920 with build in wireless charger.
  • +920
  • Maybe we can get a better selection of accessories now that's its on AT&T
  • They should have made the 925 an all carrier device. Than there wouldn't be the splintered products throughout. I love my 928 but I think it would have made it easier for accessory builders and from a sales standpoint to push one phone. Of course I guess that's why I'm not working for Nokia. Lol.
  • I totally agree. I think a good reason retailers love Apple is that they sell a phone and make a couple bucks but accessories where it's not uncommon for a store to make 50%+ of the price in profit is where it is at.
    Bought a phone? $20 to the store. Expensive case? $40. Screen protector? $20. Car mount/charger/fm transmitter? $30 Why would a store want to sell you a 925 when they have maybe 2 "universal" screen protectors in the clearance bin, no fancy car mount, and the only WP cases they have are for the 920 and a 622? If they have ANY at all? Wait until they have Android (Samsung) level market penetration before they go back to just letting designers off their leash.
  • Man I wish that accent color was an option. Like a navy blue. C'mon color picker in 8.1
  • Alright, so now we have another Lumia on at&t with GDR2.... 920? 920? Bueller?
  • Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.  
  • He's a righteous dude.
  • I wonder if Bluetooth works better... My 920 randomly reboots or twerks playback when playing to my ATS CUE, my LG SoundBar and my JamBox. I should add this my second 920 that does this (first screen shattered when it fell on my floor lamp pedistal) - so its not unit specific problem for me.
  • Miley?
  • It's comming to Serbia soon. Do you guys think it's a worthy update from HTC 8X or should I wait for something else?
  • Get the 1520 or the 1020 if you want the best. Otherwise, the 925 will be sufficient.
  • Hi Marko. Im Serbian as well. I,live on Toronto Canada. But,I'm curious if you see people Nokia Lumias. Are they in peoples hands?
  • There are a couple, but the majority uses Android phones.
  • I had an 8x, and this thing is MUCH better.  Camera, build, and all those exclusive Nokia apps.  Im glad I upgraded!
  • I just did the same moving from an 8X to the 925 but I got lucky and got the 32gb on Vodafone here in the UK but I do miss the never time out screen option from the 8X
  • The Nokia has this option, search your settings properly and u will find it
  • I suggest you do your homework as the 925 DOES NOT have this feature. You can only choose screen out times from 30s-5min. There is NO setting for NEVER on the 925.
  • Mine does under lock screen but I also have 32gb you? Do your homework pfft cocksucker
  • I guess it depends on your needs. If you feel limited by your HTC's hardware and think you could use Nokia's exclusive apps, go for it. I chose the 925 over the 1020 because I don't like the 1020's enormous camera, weight and overall design, and I don't regret my choice. The 1520 is far too big for me. The next smartphone I buy will definitely have to be smaller than the 925.
  • My thoughts exactily. But its still just 16GB, thats the only thing holding me back.
  • 16gb should be fine because other storage is fixed
  • They should sell the wireless charging shell with a wireless charger. Think Nokia need to promote wireless charging more, its a unique feature built into some of their phones. Sad to see them make it optional.
  • If you buy it at a ms store you get a free shell
  • Is this the correct place to discuss flashing it so that I can now have data sense?? It does have radio!!
  • Take it to the fourms.
  • Go to reddit! They helped me flash my 920....
  • Any word on whether they're going to release the 32gb version in the U.S.?  This would be my camera choice if it had more memory. 
  • This will be my bday present since the 1520 moved from 9/26 to November haha
  • @Responders WPC is already the website with the most DEFENSIVE AND ON EDGE community I have ever seen. Just stop.
  • No worries, he doesn't move me
  • Bit ill timed, but welcome release. Sure it's all in the name of profit :)
  • The only thing holding me back from selling my 1020 and getting this is storage :-\
  • Not the camera? I don't think I will be able to use anything else since I got my 1020. I think I am jaded now...
  • I was going to sell my 1020 for the iPhone 5s (already listed on eBay) but I think I want to give this a try. 
  • I went to one official att store Last Wednesday when I checked online the Lumia 925 was in stock. The sale person told me they had the phone but I can't buy it at full price they were not doing it any more. I explained him I was not up to upgrade yet. But he did not want to sell me the phone and told me to try in other store like bestbuy. I was really mad. I did not understand why att was not supporting Microsoft and Nokia? When I got home I called att and asked then why I could not buy a phone at full price in the store if I can do it online with no problem. She told after consulting her supervisor that they had never heard about it, and I had to call them from the store to speak with the manager because this employee was making his own rules. Now I will go back to try to get a Nokia Lumia 925. Some AT&T employees suck the same happened when I bought my Nokia Lumia 900 and 920, they wanted to sell an android or iPhone instead but not a Nokia.
  • Wow, hope he/she gets fired.
  • Find another store. The at&t rep earns his living by selling new activations. I'm sure they have a small quantity of 925's on hand and they (he) would rather sell them to new customers.  
    When they have 15+ sitting in the back room a month from now there will be no problem in selling you one.
  • My att employee (male) was helpful and immediately found a 920 for me without a problem or offering another phone.
    Bad luck I guess, but they aren't all bad.
  • You are absolutely right, not all.
  • How frustrating that AT&T's homepage has no mention whatsoever of the Lumia 925, but does prominently feature the iPhone 5s and 5c as coming soon. Evidently, the Moto X is the only non-Apple phone deserving of any mention at all. If you dig far enough you will find a banner for the Lumia 925 with a weirdly misleading screenshot where they show the phone halfway between the home screen and full app list. This, and the endlessly delayed GDR2 update, is what Microsoft/Nokia gets as a "premier" partner.
  • Yeah, it's pretty sad. I don't even understand why this whole "exclusivity" is allowed by Nokia, considering the carriers don't do **** to promote their WP offerings. When the 925 was released as an exclusive on T-Mobile, fairly early in its life cycle too even worldwide, you had to dig through their website in a similar way just to find it. Meanwhile, the Sony Xperia Z was promoted heavily.
    It's no wonder these phones don't sell - nobody knows about them, and in the stores they are off in a dusty corner somewhere, only for the faithful to deliberately seek out. They get about the level of attention from carriers that a two-bit Android with a few versions old OS does.
  • The 920's had a whole wall to themselves, and when the 1020 came out they had a huge poster on the wall.
  • I wanna remind ATT they're late with GDR2+Amber update!
  • They don't have to release it til the next update, which I'm not sure if it's November or January.
  • When you look at apple. They announce today, everyone gets tomorrow. People love iPhone for their stable ecosystem, STABLE.
  • What does that have to do with Nokia Lumia updates?!
  • It does have to do with everything. Its called "consistency".
  • Unstable!
  • Interesting to see how it sells.  It's more money and offers less than the 920.  Why would anyone buy it?   If it had 32mb and they threw in a free charge cover you might try it since it has an improved camera.  But even there, most people don't buy a cell phone for its camera.  Its not the must have feature for most.
  • It's a nicer phone design than the 920, IMHO. Lighter, sleeker, funner. :)
    I think in a side by side in-hand comparison, most people would choose the 925.
  • It definitely looks nicer in photos.  I haven't held it yet.  You could be right.   I am looking at the specs and usually base my decisions on that.  We know people often don't do that.  Some buy a phone purely on how it looks or available colors!   
  • I buy on specs to a point, but looks matter also.  I happen to like the color yellow, and think my yellow L920 is a beauty.
  • I agree looks matters to one degree or another for everyone.  Size matters too :)  
    Luckily, for some of us, it's not the most important thing to everyone.
  • Off contract price showing at $ 439 -- that's not bad for a GSM smartphone.
  • Yeah I don't see the point. No offense to 925 users. I have a 920 and nothing about the 925 really appeals to me but I suppose its all subjective.
  • Have you ever held one in your hands or played with it? The damn thing feels so good. Light, solid, cold aluminum. Just a beautiful goddamn phone, I have a 920 my gf has a 925 and I'm eternally jealous
  • None taken... but all you have to do is hold a 925 in your hand and you'll understand why we like the 925.
  • My 920 is sitting on 10.5gb of this" other storage" so I'm thinking about switching but either way the 925 comes only in 16 GB version so either way I'm screwed because I'm actually using about 10 gb
  • in b4 raging crowd about how it probably won't get GDR3
  • I got one at T-Mobile on day one... One of the most gorgeous phones ever...and 2nd best camera ever (1020/808 best). People always think my photos are shot on dslr. People with iPhones and Androids worship me...though I think I've become annoying in challenging everyone.
  • I thought this phone has been available on T-Mobile for a month or so.
  • Got the 925 as a work phone, had the 1020 for a while too,my personal phone is a 920. Love the size and shape of the 925 and usual amazing build quality but keep going back to my 920 for wireless charging.
  • Yes. Lack of integrated wireless charging really is a negative. Hoping they move back to that format again soon now that the German car consortium is integrating Qi into upcoming models.
  • LMAO, I figured that att was going to skip GDR2. Sooooooooooo, November or January?
  • I don't think att is skipping the update. If they were it would have been mentioned here already by Daniel or Sam by now considering how many people have complained about it. Yes I'm typing this from my att 920 running GDR1.....
  • Maybe so, however, I do remember this same thing happening when I had an HD7(yes I know that was tmo), they don't have to tell anyone that they're skipping it. They'll just make you wait til the next update.
  • Good point but highly doubtful. The 8x was updated so the 920 will be also,it was more popular.
  • Well,its been what? 3-4 weeks since it was released and att has still to start. With November getting closer, I really do think they'll just make us all wait til GDR3 to come out to start the roll out.
  • We will see there are 2 weeks to go in September.
  • Well I hope you're right and it does come. I really don't want to be right about this.
  • ATT figures that now with the 925 they have a GDR2 phone available so if you want GDR2 then you should just buy the 925. So glad I'm typing this from my GDR2 928 on Verizon. ;)
  • The 920 is still the better work horse over the 925.. Also once the update hits all Lumia lines it won't make since to spend the extra 50 to get the 925 over the 920 unless you want the lighter metal phone..
  • Well, I just went in to the AT&T store by my office to take a look at this. They didn't have any on display, and the Rep I talked to had no idea this phone existed. He said they have only the 920. I told him the 925 released today, so he checked on their computers and brought one from the back. He didn't even want to open it until I agreed to buy it. I told him I wanted to see it and feel it first (never seen one in person, although I plan on buying from the Microsoft Store to get the free cover). He eventually agreed to open it after asking a Manager, and asked why I would even want to get that phone instead of waiting for the iPhone 5. 
    I love the feel, and will head to the Microsoft store shortly to buy this. 
    My 1020 is listed in the Market place for anyone interested :)
  • You should have told the rep you dont wait for new iphone because it is boring!!!
  • "wait for the iphone5"-unfriggin believable!
  • That phone looks sweet.
  • Despite all of the problems I had trying to pre-order a phone, I decided to go ahead and purchase in-store.  I walked right in and both the manager and the sales rep at the AT&T store I went to knew exactly which phone I was asking for and there was even a display model.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I was disappointed that the store had no accesories at all for the phone. 
    Coming from a 920, I have to say this phone is really beatifully designed.  I love the look, the feel and the screen is also amazing.  I can't wait to really start playing with some of the newer features from GRD2 and Amber. 
    I'm very happy with the purchase and don't think I'll regret not waiting a couple of months for the newer releases.
  • Is it the 32gb model? In Aus we have 32gb on one carrier 16gb on another.
  • This is the device I bought on T-MO US. an asome device I have many tiles running I pretty much go all day from 4:00am till 7:00pm I've yet to drop down below 30% battery I think the camera is the second best phone camera on the market the Photos are really amazing. It feels good in the hands, yet sometimes though it feels somewhat slippery. the one thing I dislike is the fact that T-MO only took it in white. My call reception is really good with this device and I've yet to have any issues connecting Bluetooth.
  • I have a red L920 on at&t and i'm willing to switch with someone for the 925.
  • For some crazy reason, I'm thinking about switching to this from the 1020. I love the camera, but I'm kinda bothered by the way the phone feels in the hand. I guess I was spoiled by the 920.