Reminder: Omnia II now available on Verizon

A reminder, folks, that as of today the Samsung Omnia II is available online and stores. Plunking down $199.99 and another two years of your wireless life get you that 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen (at 480x800), a 5MP camera, a zippy 800MHz processor, and Sammy's custom TouchWiz interface. [Verizon (opens in new tab)]

Phil Nickinson

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  • The Samsung Omnia II is a great phone, but $200 seems pretty steep.
  • curious. i''d have expected more commentary on this hot phone now that it is finally available.
  • For all those that want and Omnia 2 like I do. If you go to you can get one for a low price of $99.99. Don't know how Dell is making money but at least the consumer saves it. Now you have a pick, a Droid for $119.99 or and Omnia 2 for $99.99, Which sound like the better deal to you?
  • I've had this phone a day, and I HATE it. Not only is the resistive screen a pain (I'm gonna get a callous just rubbing it) and a really poor substitute for capacitive, it seems to frustrate me at every turn. Adding wifi? Can't paste the hex code into the field.
    Need to close an app? Most require you to push the itty bitty OK button up top. Want more than 60 or so free apps or widgets? Don't look here. It's got some good features, but I did not realize that Winmo, even with Sammy's reskinning, is SO far behind in usability.
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