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Tomorrow is the semi-kickoff for E3, the big gaming and entertainment expo that's going on here in Los Angeles till Thursday and that means one thing: Microsoft.

Starting at 9am PDT, Microsoft will be showcasing what's coming next for the Xbox 360 including games and perhaps the bigger story, entertainment. Microsoft already launched Amazon Instant Video last week and also teased Smart Glass for Windows Phone. What else is coming? Well our Paul Acevedo speculated on some of that here but we're sure Microsoft also has a few trick up their sleeves.

You can watch the event live on Xbox.com or Spike TV in addition to watching our Liveblog going on during the event--join the chat with us. Afterwards, since we're here in LA covering E3 all week, you can expect us to get some hands on with the latest services and titles coming to Xbox (and Windows Phone) during the day, so stay tuned.

Make sure to check our game-trailers roundup for E3 too to keep you busy in the meantime and join in our forums during the week to discuss all the news.