Renault brings R.S.18 Formula One car to life with HoloLens

It can be hard to get a good look at Formula One cars in action as they zip by in a blur, but Renault is looking to help fans get up close and personal using HoloLens. Microsoft recently highlighted how Renault is using mixed reality to bring its R.S.18 to life at PR events around the world.

Through the experience, viewers can get a glimpse into the evolution of design from earlier cars to the most recent models, along with facts about the design process and performance.

The Renault experience is another example of an industry using HoloLens to bring things to life that would normally be difficult to accomplish in such an immersive way. The mixed reality headset has also been used in a similar manner to enhance a Japanese national tresasue and, more practically, assist surgeons during an operation.

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The first iteration of HoloLens is getting a bit long in the tooth, but Microsoft is currently at work on a HoloLens 2. Not much is known about HoloLens 2 at the moment, but Microsoft has confirmed that the second iteration will pack a dedicated AI chip – a feature that could make its way to other devices as well.

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