Lumia 620 Shells

The Wall Street Journal reports that Nokia has sold at least 8 million Lumia Windows Phones during the period of June through September this year. According to people familiar with the situation, the Finnish manufacturer has experienced a fourth consecutive quarter where the sales of its Windows-based mobile phones have increased compared with both the prior quarter and year.

This eight million sales figure is up from 7.4 million in the second quarter, not to mention more than double the reported data for the same period in 2012. Nokia has certainly grown within the Windows Phone ecosystem. AdDuplex reports the company to have almost 90 per cent of the market, leaving other Windows Phone OEMs with minute shares of the pie.

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With the Lumia 1020 and upcoming hardware to be announced at Nokia World this week, the company is currently going through an interesting period, especially with the looming deal with Microsoft, which will be confirmed in 2014. How the market reacts to more advanced Nokia Windows Phones, as well as a "phablet" and Windows RT tablet, is yet to be seen. 

One thing's for certain: the company is definitely making progress.

Source: Wall Street Journal