Resident Evil 2, one of the most beloved entries in the franchise, is set to make its return on January 25. Ahead of its launch, Capcom hasn't been shy about sharing gameplay footage, and the latest takes us into a tense battle with one of the game's most iconic enemies: the Licker.

At just under four minutes, the footage follows Claire Redfield through a series of tight corridors and claustrophobic rooms as she navigates around the feeding Lickers. But after a run-in with a couple of zombies, she finds herself in trouble and, ultimately, suffers a grisly fate.

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Resident Evil 2 will bring players back to Raccoon City just over 20 years after the original. The game has been remade from the ground up and will bring Xbox One X enhancements and a 60 FPS option at launch.

Barring any delays, the game is expected to hit store shelves on January 25, 2019, and is available to preorder now starting at $60.

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