Resident Evil 3 Magnum PopSource: Windows Central

What you need to know

  • Resident Evil 3 just launched on Xbox One and PC.
  • It's a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis that launched in 1999.
  • The game runs at 4K 60 FPS on Xbox One X.
  • You can purchase it for $60 on the Microsoft Store.

Resident Evil 3 is now available on Xbox One and PC, and comes with Resident Evil Resistance. Resident Evil Resistance is an asymmetrical multiplayer that game that places one player in the role of a mastermind who has to take everyone else out. The title costs $60 and there's only one version available.

Capcom also released a thrilling launch trailer for the game. It focuses on Jill's struggle to get out of Racoon City as she's being hunted by the Nemesis. You can take a look at it below.

Physical shipments of the game have been delayed in Europe and some other areas, so you should go for the digital edition. The download is roughly 20 GB for the base game so it shouldn't take that long. It'll probably download before discs go out!

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In Windows Central's review, Samuel Tolbert wrote, "If you enjoy horror games, it doesn't matter if you're a longtime Resident Evil fan or someone looking for a scary experience, grabbing this is simply a no-brainer. The combat feels great, and the balance between action and fear feels incredibly well handled, while at this point, it just goes without saying that a game built with the RE Engine will look great and run smoothly. Capcom is now three for three with Resident Evil games since 2017, and I'm looking forward to wherever the series goes next."

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Pop some skulls

Resident Evil 3 remake Xbox One boxart

Resident Evil 3

Escape Raccoon City

Resident Evil 3 isn't the longest game in the world, but it is a worthwhile experience for fans of the original. You might want to wait for a sale though, given its 5-7 hour gameplay length.

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