Review - Amzer Pudding TPU Case for Nokia Lumia 520

The Lumia 520 series is one of the most popular Windows phones around the world, not to mention the most affordable. But just because it has a low price point doesn't mean that you don't want to protect it from harm.

The Amzer Pudding TPU case for the Lumia 520 is a simple, economical way to keep your Lumia 520 from getting scratched, dinged, or busted up.

The Amzer Pudding is a one-piece case made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that fits around the back and sides of the Lumia 520. Although the case is a single unit, it has two different textures. The back is a smooth matte texture while the top, sides and bottom are a glossy, tackier finish.

The two-tone design gives the plastic body of the Lumia 520 a high-end look, but the cutouts for the camera and jacks leaves enough of the phones colored backplate exposed for a little contrast and flare.

There are no cutouts for the volume, power, and camera buttons, shielding them from the elements, dust, and spills.


Like its counterparts for other model phones, the Amzer Pudding case for the Lumia 520 gives you a protective coating around your entire phone, sans the screen. It is tough enough to withstand just about any scenario that would normally result in a scratched or chipped device and would likely absorb enough impact to prevent damage from a moderate fall.

That being said, it's still incredibly lightweight, adding little to no extra bulk to the diminutive Lumia 520.

What it does add is much better grip when using the phone. So, even though, the case might save your phone if dropped, it helps prevent dropping it in the first place.

Despite its beauty and brawn, the Amzer Pudding case still carries with it a minor price tag. It retails for $12.95, but if you get it at the right place (ahem, Windows Central Store), you get it for nearly half that. That is a steal considering the quality of this case.


The Amzer Pudding case isn't without its faults though they are fairly minor ones. I would have preferred cutouts for the volume, power, and camera buttons. The covers do keep out unwanted dirt and liquids, but they also make the already low-profile buttons difficult to press at times. You have to be deliberate and apply the right amount of pressure to get it to register.

Other than that, the only other thing I found was that it is nearly impossible to remove the Pudding case without the Lumia 520's backplate coming off with it. However, this may be due less to the case's design and more to the design of the phone, as I had the same experience with the Body Glove Satin case.

At any rate, this isn't a huge concern because most of us do not take our phone cases off and on very often.


With the Amzer Pudding case, you get an equal blend of protection, panache, and price. It may not be quite as beefy or beautiful as some of the other available cases for the Lumia 520, but it isn't far off.

And when you factor in the dirt cheap price, it puts the Amzer Pudding at the top of the list.

You can get one at the Windows Central Store{.nofollow} for a ridiculously low $6.95.

Seth Brodeur