Review: BlueTrek Mini Bluetooth Headset

Bluetrek carries a reputation for stylish, innovative, and fashionable Bluetooth headsets. The BlueTrek Mini may help perpetuate that reputation. Similar to the Samsung WEP-400, the BlueTrek Mini Bluetooth Headset ($59.95) is a lightweight, miniature headset that is very stylish but how does it rate as far as performance goes?

Out of the Box

The Bluetrek Mini is packaged with an assortment of optional ear hooks and ear gels, a carry lanyard, wall charger, USB charger and adapter to allow for charging in the car. Out of the box, you are drawn to the feather weight of this device. Coming in at a paltry .35 ounces the Bluetrek Mini is only 1.6 inches long.

The Bluetrek Mini feels solidly built and has two controls, a multi-function button sits in the upper center of the unit and a volume control button sits on the side of the unit. The multi-function button is surrounded by a lighted ring that alerts/confirms functions.

The Bluetrek Mini fits comfortably and secure in your ear with or without the hook. An assortment of ear gels is included to better customize the fit. For those who don’t like walking around wearing the headset in your ear, the Bluetrek Mini comes with a lanyard that hooks onto the earpiece stem. It allows you to conveniently wear the Mini around your neck until you need it.

The Bluetrek comes with a QuickStart Guide that has enough detail to get you started but for better, more detailed instruction on the operation of the headset, you have to download a full manual from Bluetrek’s website. I would have preferred to see a more detailed owner’s manual included with the headset but the thirteen page manual is easy to download.


Pairing the Bluetrek Mini was a little challenging. With the unit off, you press and hold the multi-function button until the LED light flashes red and blue. If you let up on the button ever so slightly, you’ll turn the unit on and then off, skipping the pairing mode.

I was a little disappointed with the connection to my Samsung BlackJack II. There was a considerable amount of static in the headset. The interference was sporadic and while I could hear the caller, the static was very distracting. The microphone performance was completely different. My voice came through loud and clear using a normal tone and volume. Background noise was filtered out a good bit as well.

The Bluetrek Mini is equipped with the typical features, some of which are device dependant, including voice dialing, redialing, call muting, and rejecting calls. All are controlled through the multi-function button, the volume button or a combination of the two. The volume key is a little odd in that it is a singular button, not clearly divided between “+” and “-“.

Battery life for the Mini is rated at up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 10 days of stand-by time. Bluetrek gives the Mini a wide range of charging options that combined with the battery’s stamina, power should not be an issue.

Overall Impression

I really wanted to like the Bluetrek Mini. It fit comfortably in the ear, the lanyard offered an alternative, convenient way to carry the unit, the call volume was good and the microphone picked up my voice really well. The unit was equipped with the basic functions and battery life was not an issue.

The only drawback that I couldn’t get past was the weak connection with the phone. While I could hear callers, the static was annoying. Much like a gnat is when it continually buzzes your ear. At first, it doesn’t bother you that much but after a while you make it your life’s goal to squash that little bug.

I tried re-pairing the Mini and carried the phone on the same side of my body the earpiece was used. It minimized the static but didn’t make it go away. Clear the static issue and you’ll have a very good Bluetooth headset.

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Ratings (out of 5)Pairing/Connectivity: 3/5 (static)Ease of Use: 5/5Build: 5/5Sound Quality: 4/5 (filtering out the static)Comfort: 5/5Battery Life: 5/5Overall: (get rid of static and you’ll have a 5/5)ProsSizeCarry LanyardCharging optionsConsAnnoying Static/li>
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