Review: Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Pouch

Body Glove has been one of the major names in water sports for a very long time; they were one of the original manufacturers of wetsuits for people who wanted to enjoy surfing and diving year-round. Their transition in recent years into technology accessories has been relatively flawless, incorporating their essence (style and protective functionality) into their cases. I have owned Body Glove cases for several of my phones (and loved them), so when I got the opportunity to review the Body Glove Rhythm horizontal pouch, I jumped at the chance.

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Many of Body Glove’s cases are from their Scuba line of products. These cases make heavy use of neoprene to provide shock absorption and scratch resistance. The Rhythm pouch is more of a universal case than the device specific, form fitting Scuba, but uses similar materials in order to protect your device.

This case has a more aggressive look to it than the “Executive Style” cases that frequently use this form factor. In my opinion it finds a great balance between the professional and personal sides where many of us find ourselves torn between when selecting a phone case.

As far as size goes, this case is just large enough to accommodate my AT&T Tilt. You could probably fit something slightly larger in it, but not comfortably.


I have never used anything by Body Glove that was anything less than the highest quality and this case is no exception. The belt clip is sturdy without being annoyingly tight, while a dual magnetic closure secures your device inside the case. A strip of elastic on either end of the case gives it just enough play that your device will slide in snugly without accidentally activating hardware buttons.


Body Glove has always delivered a quality product in my opinion, and this case is no exception. It might have been nice for a little bit more elastic in order to be big enough for a wider range of sizes. If you’re looking for a universal case that accommodates your style on all days of the week, head on over to the WMExperts store and give the Body Glove Rhythm ($19.95) a closer look.

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Ratings (out of 5)Feel: 4Quality: 4.5Overall: 4.5/5 ProsExceptional qualityLarge enough to fit most devicesConsCould've had a little more elasticNot as professional looking as a full leather case
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