Review - BodyGuardz UltraTough Clear Full Body Skin for Nokia Lumia 1520

When it comes to preventing damage to your smartphone, there are a number of different options that offer varying levels of protection. If you are a Lumia 1520 owner, you may be looking for something that shields your device without adding much weight or bulk to the already monstrous monolith of a phone.

If that is your goal, you may want to consider the BodyGuardz UltraTough clear full body skin for the Lumia 1520.

The goal of the BodyGuardz line of skins is to help keep your device looking new by preventing knicks and scratches caused by everyday use. It provides a layer of protection over the body and screen, but are thin and lightweight, so your device remains relatively the same size.


Applying the BodyGuardz skin to your Lumia 1520 is a two-part process, the screen protector, and the body cover. Before starting, you should know that it will take about a half hour or so for the skin to stick fully to the phone. For that reason, you should apply the skin during a time that you do not plan on using the phone for a little while.

The screen protector, like any other, is very straight-forward process. Simply clean your phone's display with the provided alcohol pad and cloth, then peel off the protective film and apply a few drops of the application gel. Line up the screen protector and remove any air bubbles using the included squeegee. The application of the full body cover is pretty much the same, but is a little trickier due to its wacky shape and wrap-around design.

Remove the protective film from the side that goes against the body of the phone, then apply the gel. Place the BodyGuardz skin on the back of the phone, being sure to line the camera, etc. up with the corresponding cutouts. Next, remove the backing of the skin and then wrap the rest of the cover around the phone. Then finish the process by squeegeeing out all of the air bubbles.

You will likely notice that there will be a haze between the skin and the phone. Do not be alarmed, this will go away shortly.


My favorite aspect of the BodyGuardz skin is the screen protector. Unlike many screen protectors, this one is not overly tacky. You can slide your finger across it smoothly without getting caught up on it. Not only is it as good as touching the bare glass of the Lumia 1520, but it may be even better.

It is also tough. Both the screen protector and body cover are made of the same material used on cars to protect their paint finish from rocks and other road hazards. If it is good enough for an automobile on the highway, it ought to be strong enough to protect your phone throughout the day.

What's also nice about the BodyGuardz clear skin is that it protects your phone without changing its looks in any way. So if you love your Lumia 1520, be it classic black, neon green, or anything in between, you can keep it safe while still showing off its fabulous design.

The BodyGuardz clear skin is also a pretty good value. For the price of a typical skin, you actually get two full sets of screen protectors, body wraps, and application gel packs. Sure, not many people dual-wield Lumia 1520s, but you can split a pack with a buddy or save the spare in case you screw up applying it the first time, like I did.


Which brings me to my primary gripe about the BodyGuardz clear skin, the application. Although the screen protector went on like a charm, the body wrap was troublesome. It was challenging to get it on without being plagued with air bubbles. That being said, I will be the first to admit that I have never been known for my finesse.

And once I finally got the bubbles to a minimum, the small flaps that wrap around the sides of the phone were less than cooperative. I found that they would not stick very well to sides of the Lumia 1520. After a few attempts, I decided to snap a case on the back of the phone to keep the skin in place until it dried. That did the trick.

I was also slightly annoyed that the BodyGuardz's glossy finish makes it susceptible to collecting fingerprints and smudges. So if you handle your phone a lot, be prepared to wipe it off fairly often.

While many other cases and skins give you some added grip, the glossiness of the clear film doesn't do anything to cut down on how slick the Lumia 1520 is to hold.

In summary

From a toughness perspective, the clear skin for the Lumia 1520 is just as durable and high-quality as we have come to expect from BodyGuardz. However, the rest comes down to personal preference.

Anyone looking for protection from dropping their phone should just move along. This skin is in no way a substitution for a case. The corners of the phone are left completely uncovered, and there is nothing to absorb any impact.

But if you simply want to cut down on bumps and scuffs, the BodyGuardz clear film is a good candidate.

You can save yourself three bucks off the retail price by getting yours from the Windows Central Store{.nofollow} for $21.95.

If you are looking for a skin for your Lumia 1520, but think that any of the above criticisms would turn you off, you may also want to check out the BodyGuardz carbon fiber body films{.nofollow}. They offer the same benefits without the smudges and tricky application. You can read my review of one for the Lumia 1020 here.

Seth Brodeur