Review - HTC Flip Case for HTC One for Windows

The HTC One (M8) for Windows is the first flagship Windows phone to be available in the US on Verizon and AT&T with T-Mobile due soon as well.

Since the One M8 is available as an Android device as well, there are a ton of cases out there to choose from, which is good for Windows Phone fans. Today I'll take a look at HTC's own OEM Flip Case for the One M8.

The HTC Flip Case is a pretty basic design. It is comprised of a hard shell that snaps onto the back of the phone and a cover that swings over the entire front of the screen. It's a hearty shell that offers strong protection to the back of the phone, but doesn't adequately cover the corners, leaving them open to potential harm. There is also no protection on the right side of the device.

As for the flip cover itself, there isn't much to it. The cutouts at the top and bottom assure that it does not hamper the front-facing speakers, one of the outstanding features of the HTC One M8. It lends added protection to the front of the phone when closed, but there is no magnet or flap to keep it closed. Therefore, if you drop it, it's anyone's guess as to whether the phone will land with the screen shielded or not.

Just like HTC's own Dot View case, the Flip Case is made to interact directly with the HTC One M8. It senses when the lid is shut and reacts by sleeping the phone to save battery life. When the cover opens, the phone wakes up, ready to use. Unfortunately, that is just about all it does.

I would much prefer the Dot View, which gives you a cool retro clock and weather display by shining through holes in the front flip cover. Not only is it protective, but it is also functional, offering up an alternative to the Lumia Glance feature.

All in all, I find the HTC Flip Cover pretty lackluster. It looks cool, especially in the bright orange flavor I tried. But because of the lack of functionality, the front cover just feels like it gets in the way. You need to flip it open to use the phone for anything, and when folded around the back, it makes the otherwise comfortable case feel awkward and unwieldy.

The HTC Flip Case comes in seven different colors ranging from neutral to flashy. If it came included in the box with the HTC One M8 I might like it slightly more. But in my opinion, you can do much better for even the discounted $30 price tag.

You'll find the HTC Flip Case for the One M8 in the Windows Central Store for $29.95, 25% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price.

Seth Brodeur