Review – Incipio Feather case for the Lumia Icon

The Lumia Icon from Verizon is only a few weeks old, so it’s about time we started talking cases. I managed to pick up the Incipio Feather case over the weekend for the Icon, and while I generally find Incipio overpriced, they do make quality gear.

Head past the break for my brief video review and some hands on photos to see it all in action.

The Incipio Feather case for the Icon can be found for around $18-23 at various retailers, including Amazon. That’s a bit pricey for what is just a piece of plastic, but it’s at least a really good product. Not too thick, not too thin, the Feather case offers some moderate drop protection for your Lumia, and it makes it feel even better in the hand. The reason it feels so good is the soft-touch material used. It basically feels like velvet.

The case has full cutouts for the speaker, camera, rear microphones and buttons. Speaking of, the buttons are almost easier to use with the case on, with just enough room for depressing them with ease.

The case does rise over the display ever so slightly, giving you protection if placing the Icon display down. Likewise, the corners and top and bottom edges are also well protected.

Qi wireless fan? No worries as your Lumia Icon will charge right through this case with no problems.

What I really like about the Feather is the color options, specifically cyan. While you can opt for black or even grey, the cyan looks great on the black Lumia Icon, giving it a little pizzazz.

Finally, while the case will protect the Icon, it will probably only do so for one good drop. By that I mean these cases will often crack or chip where the make contact. That’s the bad news. The good news is your phone is often left unscathed from the incident, which is the whole point.

For now though, I’m sticking with the Incipio Feather for the Lumia Icon. It looks and feels great, while offering modest protection. There’s not much else you can ask for these days.

Daniel Rubino

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