Review: Moko Smart Shell for Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 is hands down one of the best personal computing devices out there, Windows-based or otherwise. But even the low-end models can be costly, so you want to make sure you do what you can to protect your investment.

MoKo makes a variety of cases for the Surface Pro 3. Today we take a look at the MoKo Smart Shell cover, protective and stylish case.

The MoKo Smart Shell attaches by clipping onto the back of the Surface. It is made of rigid plastic that could seemingly take its fair share of abuse. The plastic backing is hinged in the middle to allow it to bend when using the Surface's kickstand. The shell clips onto both the body and kickstand. Opening and adjusting Surface's standing position is a breeze.

As expected, the snap-on shell has cutouts for all of the jacks and buttons. There is ample space around the USB port to fit most devices that you would plug in.

The Smart Shell also has a flip cover attached to it that covers the screen when not in use. In a fine point of detail, the two sides of the case are magnetized, so it stays closed. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't work when you have a Type Cover attached to your Surface. Sadder still, MoKo failed to include an elastic band on the cover, like they do on their other cases, to keep it closed when a keyboard is attached.

So while the MoKo Smart Shell could likely save your Surface from a fall while closed, it could quickly fly open on its way down to the ground, leaving it exposed to possible damage.

Initially, I criticized this case for not having a pen holder. It turns out that it is just neatly tucked away in the top corner. There is a slot in the top right of the case, where you can slip the clip of the pen.

Flaws aside, there is a lot to like about the MoKo Smart Shell. It is thin and light, so it won't add much extra to your Surface Pro 3. It also has a faux leather skin that both looks good and adds traction in your hand.

The Smart Shell also comes in nearly thirty different colors and designs, ranging from flashy to business casual. You can choose from flashy colors to basic black or brown. There are also floral patterns and carbon fiber to add some zing.

The MoKo Smart Shell is a decent balance between function and form. It will give you satisfactory protection and aesthetic appeal. If it weren't for some oversights, like the lack of an elastic strap, it could have been a home run.

The case retails for about $50.00, which is rather steep for what it is. We found it on Amazon for just under $23.00. That makes the MoKo Smart Shell much more appealing.

Seth Brodeur