Review – Osomount Smart Plus universal smartphone mount

Finding the right universal smartphone mount for your car can be a hassle. Discount mounts can cheaply-made and lack options, while quality, feature-rich ones can be pricey.

Osomount has attempted to bridge the gap with their Smart Plus universal mount. It offers quality, versatility, and some customization at a pretty affordable price.

The Smart Plus is a suction based mount, able to adhere to either your dashboard or windshield.

It has a ball joint where the phone attaches, so you can effortlessly turn and rotate your device to change the view. A turn screw cover on the joint gives you the option to lock down movement as much or as little as you like.

The clip itself is spring-loaded, adjusting to your smartphone's size and holding it snugly in place.

The Smart Plus also has NFC built into it, so it can used to trigger an app when you dock your phone.


Getting the Smart Plus mount setup couldn't be easier.

Just clean off the spot on your dashboard or windshield that you are sticking it on, and then press the suction cup firmly to the surface. Secure the mount by pushing the lever at the base of the mount to the down position.

The position of the phone can be changed by rotating or tilting on the ball joint.

Setting up the NFC requires a third-party app, like NFC Launchit for Windows Phone 8.1 or NFC Tools (opens in new tab) for Android. But once done, you can have your phone automatically launch your Music, GPS, or any other app of your choosing.

The Good

There are a whole lot of good things to say about Osomount's Smart Plus.

It is constructed out of rigid plastic that gives every indication that it can take its fair share of wear and tear. Even the moving parts appear to be built in such a way that it appears they will last quite a while.

The suction cup on the bottom of the mount is amazing. Once it is locked into place, it's almost too difficult to unstick, which is a good thing when it comes to phone mounts. That's not to say that it won't occasionally fall prey to the scourge of every suction cup, being locked in a car with the windows up on a hot summer day.

The best part about the suction cup is that if it gets gunked up with dust and debris you can simply rinse it with water and all of the stickiness will return.

As for the phone clip, Osomount did a stellar job. One side is fixed while the other is spring-loaded. This means that you can slide your smartphone into place using just one hand, which is immensely convenient when you are driving.

The sliding clip automatically fits your smartphone and keeps a tight enough grip on it to keep it in place as you use the touchscreen or go over bumps. And being that it fits phones from 2" to 3.5", it works just as well with my Lumia 635 as it does with my Lumia 1520.

The NFC tag instantly launch an app on contact is a nice touch as well. Since it uses third-party apps to program the functionality, it makes the Smart Plus OS-agnostic, and truly universal. It gives it the feel of a much more expensive mount without the accompanying price tag.

The Not-so-good

It is difficult to find fault with the Osomount Smart Plus, but a review has to have some criticism in it, lest it be an advertisement. So here's what I came up with.

I know I said that the suction cup's superhuman strength is a good thing, and for me it is. But for someone who wants to place the mount in different positions or use it in multiple cars, it could become an annoyance.

Secondly, availability is limited to the British and European sites, so if you want one in the U.S. you're going to have to wait a little while to receive it. The good news is that worldwide shipping is free.

Seriously, that's all I've got for gripes.


The Osomount Smart Plus is a clever mix of simple and effective. Setup is ridiculously easy, and the build quality should ensure that it will work well for at least your next couple smartphones to come.

The built-in NFC tag is a nice touch and doesn't appear to add on to the reasonable price, so even if your current phone doesn't have NFC, the Smart Plus is future-ready.

All in all, this is a good buy.

The Smart Plus is available at Osomount's website in red, white, or black (pictured) for £19.99 ($31.21). Windows Central readers can get 20% by using the promo code "windows20" when they order.

  • The lack qi charging should definitely be considered a con. This is a Windows site, after all. 
  • Two things: (1) Plenty of Windows Phones, including Lumias, do not have Qi (2) Adding Qi bumps up the cost significantly and some people will flinch at spending $75 or more for a car mount Basically, there needs to be options for users.
  • Cost seems to be artificial markup, plenty of qi on the cheap the mount is too small for 3 coils so it just wouldn't work Qi is hot, car windshield is hot, GPS is hot.. Lots of times battery won't charge at this thermal range BTW 12v quick charging is much superior to qi at this point More phablet mounts the better, market is dismal for mounting phablets
  • All reasonable points except "12v quick charging is much superior to qi at this point". Wireless charging is about the convenience of setting the phone done one-handed while doing other things and picking it up when you leave with more charge then when you set it down. Anything that involves a wire blows the convenience side of it. Definitely wire charging is faster, but if you can just plop the phone down w/o thinking or concentrating to insert a wire, that's a very nice distinction. Might not be worth the cost for some, but for those of us who are willing to pay for it, fast charging with a wire would not be a replacement.
  • No way you are mounting a phablet in any secure dock one handed... Right now my nexus 6 dock has USB moulded into it and just slide phone down onto it... Just as easy as a qi dock without the downfalls. Still takes 2 hands or some sort of one handed finger yoga.
  • @felickz, my phone is a Lumia 928, so definitely smaller. But it's really just a function of how you hold the phone -- if you can hold the phone with one hand, you can set it in a charging cradle with that same one hand. It takes almost no additional effort compared with dropping it on a table or desk. I say "almost", because, depending on the charger, you may need to look at it or feel with your fingers to make sure you have the phone roughly centered for proper charging  (pretty big margin for error though to still charge). The WebOS Palm Pre's Touchstone charger was the best design for wireless charging -- it was magnetic, held the phone at a perfect viewing angle, and the magnet was strong enough to auto-snap the phone to the right place as it neared the charger. Zero attention required to get it right. It even worked in both portrait and landscape modes. Worked as well on a desk or a car dashboard or a nightstand (I had them in all those places). Nothing today that I've seen is close to that good, but any wireless charging crushes connecting a cord for convenience.
  • how does it stick to rough dash surface. usually no suction cup, works on anykind of rough surface, that i know of. Do you guys know a brand that i can use with my Lumia 1520, that will work on my Nissan Altima's dash(no adhesive), using its suction cup? thanks
  • I use Nokia's CR-200. The suction cup bottom is also sticky, but doesn't leave a mark on the dashboard -- pretty amazing material. Just mounts to the dashboard and sticks there. I have had it fall off twice in the couple of years I've had it on very hot days (sticky stuff gets soft when hot). But as long as you don't weight it down and leave it there in the sun, it should be good. At also supports NFC to activate driving mode on your phone or whatever else you set it up to do when you tap. I don't use that though. I assume there are additoinal car charger models out now that work similarly.
  • which music app is that in the first pic??  
  • It is Groove on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • It's Groove :)
  • FYI, "Coupon "windows20" does not exist!"
  • Coupon code error: "windows20 does not exist"
  • I will check on the coupon. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Yes.  Please let me know the correct code.  I just went to order and got the same error. 
  • +1520
  • Imagine if this thing could trigger driving mode. That makes sense doesn't it? Too bad WP driving mode only turns on by Bluetooth. What's the point of even pinning the setting...
  • There is an app called Car Dash that you can tag with NFC to launch when you place it on a mount like this one. It works great for me. I just stuck an NFC tag on my car mount and set it up with NFC Launchit app. Worked great with my old 920, but now my 1520 (with super thin TPU case on) is a little big for my mount. It might be time for a new one.
  • No charging is a big negative. Wouldn't consider a mount that doesn't have this feature.
  • You can just plug in your car charger.
  • Once you've gone wireless charging, you (or at least I) can't go back.
  • Are you saying that you have a mount that has "wireless" charging that doesnt plug in itself? Does it have a solar battery?
  • You plug the charger in of course. The benefit of wireless is not having to coordinate a USB cable to your phone every time you want to charge. Especially in your car, this is a pain -- where is the end of the cable, between the seats, under the dash...? Like Keith said, once you do wireless, especially if you have multiple charging stations (desk, car, home by the couch, home by my bed), I don't ever want to go back.
  • Then you haven't seen rapid charging. My Lumia 950 with rapid charging via cable goes up like 50% in 15 minutes.
  • Why the middle of the windshield? Why not just above the dash to the left of the steering wheel i.e. non-obtrusive to your view?
  • Put it where you like.  I prefer the middle.
  • You don't feel like a bit of your view is blocked with this and your rearview mirror directly at your 2 o'clock? How could it not feel safer to have it in the corner beside the steering wheel (left or right depending on country) - still mounted to the windshield? I always wondered if people just haven't tried that to make a distinction.
  • No matter where you put it, on the windshield, you are blocking some of your view.
  • Nahh.  Mine sits in the middle of my dash. Doesn't obstruct anything.  What I didn't like much are those chargers that sit low in the car.  Looks cool in the pictures but in practical use, not a good design at all.
  • Middle of the dash as in behind the wheel? Or centered, maybe in front of some air vents? I also don't like the low ones. Pretty unsafe.
  • Steering wheel on the left then just to the right in the center is my suction mount that holds my 1520 with a magnet. I position the mount so the phone drops below the dash. I'm pretty tall so not much obstructs me. Its good position.
  • I don't keep it in the middle of the windshield, I just put it there for the picture.
  • That looks identical to the iOttie Easy View 2
  • wow, i didn't ""when in India" yet!!!!!! what's up India, your falling behind. 
  • I wish I could find a holder that could charge my 1520.  Mine is from AT&T and they went with a different "standard" than the Qi standard.
  • My iOttie Easy Flex 2 has a suction cup, like glue, too.  They told me to slip a credit card under it, to remove from the windshield.  But, it's so small and unobtrusive that I just collapse it and leave it there.
  • I doubt the suction cup works on hard plastic curvy dashboards.
  • You are, probably, correct.  But I never liked the idea of, potentially, marking up the dash, anyway, so I have always used the windshield.
  • It actually sticks very well on the dash. This is the best suction cup I have seen on a mount.
  • By looking at the design it looks promising but I have some concerning questions 1. Will a Lumia 1520 fit with slim tpu case? 2. How well does NFC work?NFC wil be located in didn't location on the p phone. In the 1520 the NFC it's at the top edge of the phone. But the mount I think it's designed for mid-phone grip. So had does NFC locking work when docked. It seems to me NFC could never align with this design.3. A good car mount wil absorb should and not cause the phone screen to shake and become unreadable. So how is stability? Wil it be stable most of the time or shale significantly to be a nuisance? 4.Im concerned the mountwill press on the power button and turn out the phone, because it is a mid mount car mount. I that with most similar clam designs this becomes an issue sooner or later with the Lumia 1520. So does this happen to you to? ​
  • How much does your car shake? Maybe you need new suspension. I have never had a problem reading anything fixed to a windshield...
  • My 1520 in the pic has an Incipio case on it. As for the NFC, you probably need to trigger it before putting the phone in.
  • Dash Crab also makes a really good, no frill, universal, single hand car mount. It seems to have many of the same features of this, but no NFC.
  • I wonder if lack of a gooseneck limits its ability to mount to a windshield and hold onto a 1520.
  • Nice taste in music., Seth.
  • Thanks, I love Strike Anywhere.
  • I have a question for these car mounts with the NFC tags.  I know you can program the phone to go into car mode when it sees the NFC tag, but what about when you remove the phone?  Does the phone recognize this and allow you to program it to turn off bluetooth, etc?
  • This thing definitely give you the best comfort and convenience especially if you do a heavy smartphone. it could be a great advantage especially if you are always on the go.
  • Wen in United States? (sic) ;)
  • ProClip makes some mounts that clip into the seams of your dash. Some of their phone mounts have charging plugs built in. I'm using one of their universal adjustable mounts in our Nissan and another in our Honda.
  • This clip is awesome..... it has a wonderful tacky suction cup .area that really helps it make a tight seal...I have a 1520 and it holds my phone very securely and it is a great quality holder... well worth the $$$
  • Which mobile is that in first pic?
  • Bought at full price...been searching for something like this for ages.
  • I ordered this product through pay pal and I never received it so I had to cancel the order through pay pal.