Review: Samsung OEM Leather Top Pouch

Sometimes it seems like the search for the perfect case for my phone never ends. In some ways that is true, partially because of the variety involved in life. In some situations I want one type of case, and in other situations a different form factor may serve me better.

Typically cases fall into one of two categories; either designed for one specific device, or designed to fit a wide range of sizes and shapes. Samsung’s OEM Leather Top Pouch is somewhere in the middle. This case is designed for Samsungs stable of front facing Qwerty keyboard phones. These include some of the more popular Windows Mobile devices around in the Blackjack, Blackjack II and the Epix. Priced at a relatively competitive $17.95, it’s worth a look for anyone who has one of these quality devices permanently affixed to their person.


Design & Look

I really like the look of this case, it has the typical leather look and feel, but it adds some nice accents like a lighter color of stitching and the chromed Samsung logo on the flap. The inside is lined with a softer material that will not scratch your screen. The top flap is secured by a magnetic closure which is fairly strong when compared to some of the other cases that I have lying around. The belt clip that is fairly standard on this type of case is not removable, but does rotate enough that it could be carried vertically or horizontally.

Size & Fit

The sides of the pouch have just enough elastic that the case will expand to accommodate your device, but not so much that it looks or feels cheap. The bottom line is that you’re not going to fit something huge in this case, but any of the Samsung devices that have the Blackjack style form factor should fit just fine even with an extended battery attached.


Obviously there is a minimal amount of value added to buying a case that bears the logo of your device’s manufacturer, but that little bit does help this pouch peek over the top of the crowd a little bit. First of all, you have the aesthetic of the two being made for each other and bearing the same logo. Secondly, you know that the case is going to have at least a passable fit with your device of choice.

All in all I really like this case. The quality of materials and the fact that the leather is actually stitched together instead of just being glued makes a huge difference. I definitely recommend this case for anyone looking for a match for their Blackjack style device.

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Ratings (out of 5)Design & Look: 4Size & Fit: 4.5Overall: ProsGood Value to Price ratioMatches up well with deviceConsBelt clip doesn't lock into position when rotated

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