Review: Seidio Holster for AT&T Tilt

Cases come in all shapes and sizes. Different styles of case tend to cater to certain phones. For example, a form fitting leather case wouldn’t work very well with my Tilt. I’ve used a Seidio holster in the past with a Samsung Blackjack (and loved it), but I was a little unsure how well one of their holsters would work with a phone as bulky as the Tilt.

Stick around to see how well the Seidio holster for the Tilt handles the age old question; does this case make my phone look fat?



Few case manufacturers are as good at what they do as Seidio. The Tilt Holster is molded to fit securely around your phone. The bottom of the case wraps around each of the bottom corners of the Tilt, holding it securely in place as well as protecting the corners in the event that the phone gets dropped.

The top edge is held securely by a clip that wraps completely over the top of the device. The clip features a rubber tooth-like protrusion and a spring loaded hinge which ensure that your phone is always as secure as possible. The device itself faces inward, protecting the screen from dust and scratches.

The one pet peeve that I had with my Blackjack holster was that the top clip would actually rub up against the screen and cause scratches. This is a non-issue with the Tilt holster as the clip is entirely on the outside of the device.


All of the plastics are sturdy on the holster and all of the moving parts (top clip, belt clip) are strong but not so stiff that they’re unusable. The belt clip rotates side to side, letting you choose how to wear the case. The lines and contours of the case leave all of the buttons and ports on the outside of the device un-obscured, allowing you to even charge your phone without removing it from the case.


This really is a high quality product. Seidio got all of the details right when they were designing their holster for the Tilt. After using two of their holsters, for two very different devices; I can say with certainty that Seidio makes some of the best cases on the market. If you’re looking for a holster for your phone, make Seidio your first choice. You can find the holster for the AT&T Tilt here for $24.95.

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