Review: Smartphone Experts Power Bundle for Treo 750

These days, technology like WiFi, 3G cellular networks, and faster processors have surpassed the capability of batteries to keep devices powered for extended periods of time. SmartPhone Experts has recognized the need for users to keep their beloved devices powered and has released a Power Bundle including a wall charger, car charger, and a retractable sync and charge cable for your Windows Mobile PocketPC or Smartphone. How will the SmartPhone Experts Power Bundle for the Treo 750 stack up to your need to have a fully charged device? Read on to find out!

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Wall Charger

The first charger that is included in the SPE Power Bundle is a wall charger. I initially recognized that the charger has retractable prongs that fold into the main part of the charger, keeping it slim and unobtrusive. This design is one of the most important things I look for in a wall charger as I typically obtain a second charger to carry with me to/from work and on business trips as it's easy to put away and the prongs don't get snagged on anything in my bag.

There's also a light on the charger that glows orange. I thought at first that the light would change color after the Treo finished charging, but the light continued to glow amber. This is the only fault that I can find with this charger. I was hoping it would change to a different color when it finished charging the Treo. In addition, the light glows orange regardless of whether the Treo is plugged in or not. Not the biggest deal considering that most outlets are probably out of sight anyways.

The 44" cord allows for extended reach which is nice if you have an outlet that is located in a not-so-convenient place. Overall, the charger works exactly as advertised.

Sync & Charge USB Retractable Cable

The sync & charge cable does exactly as the name states. The most noticeable feature about this cable is that it is retractable, so it's no more than ~3" long while it rolls out to a full length of 2 feet! I used to carry around a normal USB cable, but it would frequently get tangled up with my other cords in my laptop bag. I haven't encountered this problem with SPE's Sync & Charge cable. The connector fits into the Treo perfectly, and maintains a secure connection so it won't fall out of the Treo unexpectedly. This cable easily synced and charged my Treo, and I didn't notice any oddities with the design.

Car Charger

The final charger included with the SPE Power Bundle is the car charger. This charger is a standard car charger, not much to write home about. It charges the Treo without issue. The cord is made of a high quality material, and it stretches a good amount to accommodate most users.


None of the chargers included with the SPE Power Bundle are extraordinary, but they all work exactly how one would expect. However, the best part of this bundle is the price. You get 3 chargers for less than $30, which is the usual cost of just a car charger at your local cell phone store! The different chargers in this bundle have all of the chargers and a lot of the features that you would want in a power bundle at a GREAT price. Another outstanding product from SmartPhone Experts.

Buy: WMexperts Store >> Smartphone Experts Power Bundle

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Ratings (out of 5)Usability: 5Travel Size: 5Features: 4Value: 5Overall: 5ProsValueFolding prongs on the wall chargerSmall, convenient size for the sync and charge cableConsLight on wall charger doesn't change with charging status of the TreoArrow indicating the top side of the charger tip is not colored white for easier identification
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