Review: SPE Top Pouch Case for BlackJack, BlackJack II

If vertical cases are your thing, the Smartphone Experts Top Pouch Case for the BlackJack or BlackJack II ($24.95) should be right up your ally. Available in Black, Red Brandy, Saddle Brandy, Cream Brandy and Cocoa Brandy, this leather case is well built, protects your phone and holds your phone securely in place.

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General Fit

In testing this case with the Samsung BlackJackII, the phone fits snug in the case but not too tight. The case has “stretchy” fabric stitched into the sides and bottom to give the case a little expandability which help place and remove the phone from the case.

The SPE Top Pouch has a top magnetic flap that covers the top of the phone and while the phone sits solidly in the case, the flap offers an extra level of security. The interior of the case itself is padded and lined with a felt-like fabric to protect the phone from scratches.

The upper portions of the phone’s sides are exposed to allow access to the port, volume key and memory card slot. It also allows you have an area of the phone to grip while placing it in/out of the case. The only concern I experienced while testing this case was that when removing the phone, I often found myself hitting the volume key as I gripped the phone, either turning off the volume or maxing it out.

I tried placing the phone in the case upside down to avoid this but the fit of the case, depressed the volume key. It took some getting used to but I learned to grip the phone below the volume key to avoid changing my phone’s volume. The more I used the case, the easier it became to avoid hitting the volume key.

One nice convenience about the SPE case is that you do have access to the charge/sync/headphone port while the phone is in the case. I can maintain the level of protection for my phone while syncing to the computer or while charging the phone. I can also utilize headsets/earphones while the phone is in the case.

Belt Clip

The belt clip is lined with leather and holds the case securely in place on your belt. I am always a little apprehensive that vertical cases will rotate off your belt as you sit down. I experience very little rotation while wearing the SPE case and not enough to have the case “pop” off my belt.

There are two things I look for in a case’s carry are how close to the body and how low off the belt it rides. A case that rides too far from the body or too low off the belt seems to have a greater tendency to snag on corners and “pop” off the belt as you sit down. I’m more accustomed to horizontal cases so wearing the vertical case took some getting used to.

The SPE Top Pouch wore closer to the hip and higher on the belt than expected. It didn’t feel as if the case was hanging too low on my side or too far away from the body. Surprisingly, it was quit comfortable.


I don’t know if I’m ready to give up my SPE horizontal case but if I decide to go vertical, the Smartphone Experts Top Pouch Case for the BlackJack or BlackJack II ($24.95) will be the one I look for.

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Ratings (out of 5)Construction: 5Comfort: 5Protection: 5Value: 5Overall: ProsSolid constructionSecure fitComfortable carryConsTendency to activate volume button when pulling the phone from case
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