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It's hard to beat a quality leather case for your phone. Solid stitching, quality leather, soft lining, comfortable carry and a secure hold are qualities we all look for in a case. RexRegina hopes to match all these qualities with their premium leather cases. The California based company produces the Stanton Case which is a premium leather, horizontal case. We recently gave the case a test drive with the AT&T Fuze and to see how it shaped up, read on after the break.

Out of the Box

The Stanton Case ($44.95) is packaged in a plain white box that bears the RexRegina logo and is wrapped in a felt cloth that also bears the RexRegina logo. The packaging definitely fits the "premium" atmosphere much like Tiffany's little blue box. But packaging alone doesn't make a case one of quality.

The Stanton Case is available in three colors; black, brown, and red (London Bus Red to be exact). When you unwrap the case from the felt wrapping, the distinct smell of leather hits you. It reminded me of my favorite leather jacket or pair of leather gloves. Out of the box, the leather is a little stiff. Stitching is solid throughout the case with no loose or frayed seams present. The case is lined in leather and has just a hint of padding between the outer shell and inner lining.


With regards to phone fit, the Stanton Case isn't cut specific/custom to the AT&T Fuze so there is a little "wiggle room" present. The generic cut of the case isn't entirely a bad thing because it gives the case enough flexibility to make placement and removal of the phone a little easier. There's not enough room to accommodate a headphone jack, but enough to get a good grip on the phone.

The phone is held in place by a leather strap that is magnetically held in place. The design of the magnetic clasp isn't my favorite of designs. A dimple extends from the magnet on the strap that has to be matched up with an indention on the magnet on the case's body. Once seated, the strap is nicely secure but if the dimple doesn't seat just right with the indention, the strap can easily be pushed asides. If the dimple/indention were larger, it might be easier to match up increasing the security of the hold. It's not hard to get things lined up but when your on the go, it's not the most convenient of designs.

The Stanton Case is secured to your belt by a leather wrapped clip that is very firm. The case rides comfortably and secure on your belt. The clip is long enough to span the width of most belts and holds the case nicely in place. I didn't experience any "wiggle" in the way the case rode on the belt and didn't feel as though the case would "pop-off" the belt. The case did feel a little bulkier than other cases I've used but not to the point of being uncomfortable.

Overall Impression

In many ways, the Stanton Case ($44.95) is a premium leather case. The materials and construction of the case are of quality and the fit is very good for a "generically" cut case. Where the "premium" title begins to fade a little is with the cases performance. When the strap is closed and the magnets line up correctly, it's one of the most secure holds I've seen. However, if the magnets aren't lined up correctly, it's one of the least secure holds. As is, the case provides a good measure of protection but I would have liked to have seen a little more padding with this case. However, I'm afraid if you put more padding in between the leather, it would have been too bulky.

If you're in the market for a quality leather case for your AT&T Fuze, I would have to put the RexRegina Stanton Case on the short list along with the Smartphone Experts Side Pouch and the Seidio Premium Leather Case

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Ratings (out of 5)Build Quality: 5/5Secure Fit: 4/5Comfort: 4/5Overall: 4/5 ProsLeather ConstructionSolid StitchingConsSome may find it a little on the bulky sideStrap can be a challenge to close correctly
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