Rise of the Tomb Raider features a more aggressive Lara Croft

Rise of the Tomb Raider took the stage at Gamescom 2015 with new gameplay footage and more. The second game in the rebooted Tomb Raider series, Rise expands on the features of the previous game, while bringing in new capabilities into play.

The new game features an expanded base camp setup over the first title. Lara is also now more customizable, based on your style of play. You'll find that Lara has new stealth abilities, letting you hide in bushes, pull enemies under water, and more. Lara is also more aggressive and violent in Rise of the Tomb Raider, shaped by her experiences in the first game.

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Joseph Keller
  • Not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed in the gameplay they showed. It's 2015, and it seemed set on using the same, dumb A.I. mechanics we've seen for years. I mean, seriously, how confused can an NPC be over a tin can? How did no one see her flying through the air and stabbing a guy in the neck (and not quietly)? Why did a guy see her from 15 feet away, watch her walk into a bush, and basically do nothing? Oh, and that cliffhanger at the end? I'm sure you just shoot the tanks on the guy's back and it's over in 12 seconds. I guess I just expect more out of A.I. at this point. Shadow of Mordor did a lot to impress me on that front, even if it still carried some excsesively easy trapping of enemies with the distraction feature in that game. I'd like to see these games stop letting you stealthily kill enemies with no resistance because none of the A.I. characters thinks it's strange that Jimmy was walking behind a stack of crates and never came out the other side.
  • I agree so much with you, but since gaming has become mainstream a lot of people stop playing, just because the game is to hard, it's sad but that's what it has come to it seems.
  • sorry friend but 90% of people dont have enough time to play with games. When i finish with my work Iam exhausted. I have 10% time/energy to sit down, turn on my Xbox and play some FUNNY games. I dont have time for games like Darks Souls where you can die and begin the whole level from the start. Yes, it sucks but nowadays the world is too fast to enjoy everything. I didnt mention my girlfriend... gggg.. I dont have time for everything :D
  • I know that feel. Too many great games. Not so much time. Work, Study and GF :P .
  • So you choose to do things other than game, so those who choose to game should get half-assed A.I. and generally disappointing games so you can have a cakewalk through everything?
  • Thats what difficulty settings are for.  To both sides of the argument...
  • If that's his point, then his point is irrelevant to the topic. My complaint is that video game A.I. is way too basic and easy to overcome, even on higher difficulties, with silly tactics like throwing a tin can or glass bottle or developers' giving the enemies the ability to see about 10 feet in front of them. Playing on a lower difficulty's one thing, but the complaint I'm having is what I feel is a fundamental flaw in the design of games like this, where it just tosses simple logic aside to make the game way too easy.
  • Perhaps the demo was shown on an easier setting.  If they're just trying to show off certain moves for the video, setting them up and performing them would be easier if it was on a lower difficulty setting.  So hopefully, to your point, they didn't make the AI completely oblivious...unless you want it to be.  But I get Pappale's point about not wanting to start a massive level all over again, when you have limited time on your hands.  I've had very little time for gaming since my son was born, and I haven't even turned on my 360 since my daughter was born, and that was 2 months ago.  Since the new consoles have so much power, they should be able to make a really good AI, but allow it to be dumbed down for guys like me, lol.
  • Sorry if some of this is redundant, I just saw your other reply below...
  • Well, like I used as an example, I think Shadow of Mordor did that really well. The A.I. is still a bit on the dumb side, but it's not completely oblivious and useless. It's still a very easy game, but the way they designed the A.I. was different and awesome (on the One and PS4, the 360 and PS3 versions are neutered and terrible), even if the game itself was a very easy one. But like I said, I don't think there's any real cnce of what you suggest. In a game like CoD or Halo they just make the A.I. slower to react and easier to kill, which works pretty much fine. In a game like this, the A.I. has basic functions that are just poor form, like what I already described. I don't think they're going to have a whole other set of A.I. instructions built for higher difficulties, I can't think of any time that's happened. Well, I guess World of Warcraft KIND of does it with Heroic raiding, where the higher difficulty can add an extra mechanic or two. I'd just like the basic logic to be a little better in these games.
  • On another note please don't make it unrealistic, Lara is a young girl, which should have a main focus on endurance training, so make it so that when fighting head on it takes a good effort to take down a trained guard, because working in the shadows from ambush, is the way to taking down a wel trained guard.
  • Did you ever stop to think that he was probably playing on the lowest difficulty?
  • I've not seen a game where that would be the difference. The A.I. is basically built to be easily fooled, we've seen it for years. I'm guessing that on a higher difficulty, the A.I. might get a bigger field of vision (making sneaking from right in front of them tougher), but I've not seen a game where the A.I. would just have chunks of itself altered by difficulty. By that, I mean that if you turn the difficulty up on this game, I doubt the enemies are no longer confused by tossing objects. Instead, the difficulty increase will probably just do like most every other games does--improves the A.I. reaction time when shooting, while makign the weapon damage balance favor the A.I. more than the player (you die faster/enemies die more slowly).
  • I never really followed the Tomb raider series (played demos here and there).  I saw the last Tomb Raider in the steam sale and took a chance on it and really enjoyed it.   I don't mind if the gameplay is similar to the first game. That game play video looked more like Splinter Cell than Splinter Cell did.
  • Funny, I thought it looked like a good Assassins Creed sequel. I also like the fact she appears more realistic instead of boobtastic like many female protagonists appear.
  • So is tomb raider becoming assassins creed?
  • Video?
  • I'm getting this
  • Wow, what a novel idea - ramp up the violence!
  • Why do they think it's a good idea to replace the character model every time they release a new Tomb Raider game? The original version was just fine, then they changed it for the definitive edition, now again. Maybe there will be some hints at Lara's plastic surgery addiction in this one..
  • More aggressive? They should mocap Ronda Rousey!
  • Be aggressive Lara!
    B-e aggressive