Platform shooter Roboto hovers to Windows and Windows Phone Store

Roboto, a beautiful platform shooter that has been available on iOS and Android, has made its way to both the Windows and Windows Phone Store. You can buy it once and install it on your Window Phone and/or tablets. It's about a robot with a hoverboard who has to battle its way through security bots in an attempt to ask out a girl who it has a huge crush on. Watch our gameplay video to see it in action on our Lumia 930 and Surface 3.

The visuals in Roboto are excellent. There are lasers, explosions, smoke, and even wrecking balls. Controls are easy too. The left and right buttons are on the left side while the jump and fire buttons are on the right side. You can hover by pressing and holding the jump button.

The goal is to find the exit without dying. At the same time, you can collect coins, energy refills, and the three hidden gears throughout each level. You can't take too long because there is a countdown timer. Make sure to check it on the top right corner. You also don't have an unlimited amount of energy. Getting hit by enemy robots, jumping, and hovering depletes the energy bar. It fills back up when collecting energy refills.

At the end of a level, you see your time completion, percentage in energy, enemies, and gears, as well as total points. The personal bests are listed, so it encourages you to re-play the levels.

The skate shop is available at the beginning of the levels so you can buy fuel, upgrades, and weapons. You use in-game currency which are the coins you collect from the levels. There are no options to spend real money.

Overall, we think Roboto is a must-have game for your Windows and Windows Phone devices. You can play a couple of levels if you only have a few minutes, but it's likely you'll get addicted and end up playing a few more. You can try the game for free before buying it for the full price of $2.99.

Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Sweet! Just bought it and downloaded to both Windows Phone and Windows 8 PC :)
  • I used to have this on my Xperia Play. Incredibly fun game! I'd buy it again if it had Xbox Live for leaderboards & achievements.
  • Loving all these games!! Keep em coming! 8 Ball Pool should be here any day now.
  • I would love 8Ball pool!
  • I had emailed Miniclip for 8 Ball Pool about a month back; I'm quoting their response here: ........................................ Nuno, Apr 16, 14:35: Hello Gautam, Thank you for contacting Miniclip Support. We are always considering all platforms. We do not have any release date though.
    For any further question, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Have a great day and enjoy playing our games! Best, Nuno Miniclip Support ____________________________________________ Please check our Knowledge Base for more information! ........................................ Well, that being said we still have hope for a Windows port :)
  • So many games coming lately! Gets me so excited for what's next!
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 :P
  • Proud L730 user. Sticking to WP till the end ;P
  • +1
  • +1
  • If it becomes a Windows Phone, sure, but I'd be more interested in the LG G4, myself. :P
  • +S6
  • Wow, I used to play this on my N9. Man its old.
  • N9 a phone I would like to buy!
  • Used to play this on my N9 too :)
  • The N9 certainly is old :/s
  • When I first saw Roboto written I immediately thought Windows Phone was adopting the same font as Android. :o
  • Same here. That was my first thought too.
  • That is one awesome font!
  • Great game from Fenix Fire... Can't wait for Gates of Osiris... And Source looks Amazing!!!!
  • Keep em coming...!!!
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  • Buying this for sure.  One feature I would love on the windows store is a wishlist.  It would be nice to keep a list of games I want to buy so I don't have to remember and search for them again.  It also would make it easier to monitor prices so you can grab games when they are on sale.
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  • Earlier this year every one was depressed about Chase bank and the end of the world. Today we get multiple great games. And in fact recently its all been neat new stuff. Things are definitely on the up despite the occasional company making silly decisions.
  • I dont use a windows phone still , but if i buy this game in my pc for my ms account do i need to buy this game again in windows phone for the same ms account ??
  • No, you don't need to buy again
  • C'mon Real Racing 3 for free
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