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Rocket League dev says Xbox One-PlayStation 4 cross-play could be added in "a few hours"

Rocket League
Rocket League (Image credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League developer Psyonix says that adding cross-platform multiplayer support between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the popular eSports game could be added in "a few hours". All that stands in its way is approval from Sony's end.

In a chat with IGN, Psyonix vice president Jeremy Dunham stated:

"Right now. we're literally at the point where all we need is the go-ahead on the Sony side and we can, in less than a business day, turn it on and have it up and working no problem. It'd literally take a few hours to propagate throughout the whole world, so really we're just waiting on the permission to do so."

Rocket League already supports cross-play between the Xbox One and PC versions. In March, Microsoft announced that Rocket League would be the first Xbox One title with tools that allows any game on the console to support cross-platform multiplayer on other networks, including those on the PlayStation Network. So far, Sony has yet to approve any PlayStation game to allow for cross-play to the Xbox One, although there are a few that have PC support.

  • Pls. Sony. I want to play this with my buddies so bad.
  • Not sure that would be possible. How does it work on PC? How would you add someone from another platform? Possibly have to type in their gamer tag or handle.
  • I'm pretty sure if the dev says it can be added in a few hours it's possible.
  • No you can't add someone from a different platform. You can get paired with people from a different platform randomly but you can't add people to your party from a different platform.
  • private servers then you join there game.
  • You might be able to do that I guess. But, you wouldn't be able to party up still and do match making.
  • An assumption only...but I'd guess the players on the other consoles would show up with a gametag that was generic like when you have a bot on your team.  You can't add them as friends or sent them messages, as they are just bots...  But don't the PC people have to sign in with a LIVE gamertag? So that is why the cross platform works flawlessly is all still the same account structure.
  • This game is on steam for pc, not windows store. So sign in with your steam account. The game allows you to play with people on console and you can see their name. You can't invite them to a party though.
  • so did you just not read anything? title included?
  • Sony doesn't care :-o :/
  • Sony can't close their eyes before the future of gaming. Just imagine a world of platform independent multiplayer. Too awesome to miss out on.
  • This article doesn't mention the rest where Jeremy Dunham is very optimistic that Sony will say yes.  However he fully acknowledges that it could take some time as Sony would want to ensure everything works perfectly before flipping that switch.  This is very understandable.  I fully expect Sony to allow this after checking to make sure everything will work perfectly.
  • No, Sony are dickheads
  • Sony has nothing to gain from this at the moment as they are selling tons more consoles than Microsoft so I would bet nothing will come of this till Sony is in the same position Microsoft is in now.
  • Good point, I know at least 100 people that have said they bought their PS4 solely because of the Rocket League player pool on can't destroy that by including Xbox and Windows people... /s
  • PS4 - PC cross play works already
  • This wouldn't affect sales of any platform. Each platform already has the game. What this would do is give gamers a better user experience. So, in fact Sony would be giving their gamers a better user experience.
  • Sales of console hardware mean nothing, even negatively affecting profits sometimes.  Its the GAMES where the money is made. Even though MS no longer publishes console sales numbers, we DO know from analytic companies like NPD that xbox gamers buy 89% as many games as PS players.  That should be worrying for sony.  Selling close to 2 times the number of consoles but having close to half the game sales (and thus licensing fees) per console as the competition. The ONLY thing selling more hardware does is provide a larger audience for platform specific titles, and other than Uncharted 4 there simply have been none compared to quite a few on XB. PSVR might change things, I've got mine pre-ordered, but I wonder if its going to be a flash in the pan thats not going to lead to long term benefit.
  • How fun would it be to have a Vs. Game type that puts Xbox players against PS4 players!? They could add car packs and flags with your console of choice's logo and colors. Plus, if they could keep stats on which group is leading in wins there could be an outlet for the flame wars that live now only in the comments section on IGN
  • Sounds great.
  • I am editing this because I read the comment wrong. A game type where you only face people on other platforms. That would be fun.
  • Perhaps with stupid indy games that nobody plays much anyway, but big AA and AAA titles have release-parity plus or minus a few weeks now. As for stats, you don't seem to understand what David was saying.  
  • Ohhh you know what, I did read it wrong. He said to have a game type where you only face people from the other platforms. Haha that would be fun.
  • Right, no big deal. I wonder though, how they would handle players on PC. Would they be lumped into the Xbox user base or be their own group? Really hope they make something like this happen, either way.
  • Siiiick
  • I bet xbox playera would be better at shooters than PlayStation people Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Guaranteed. No disrespect to Sony gamers, but the Xbox bunch are better at competitive gaming. Also the Xbox pad is better for shooters with the stick layout.
  • That's just a baseless generalization.
  • welcome to 2008 generalization...
  • haha true story.  The Playstation's symmetrically laid out sticks is just not designed for FPS gaming.  They've stuck on that since PS1/2 when FPS werent popular on consoles.  Sony is a *****.  Rocket League should give special treatment to xb and pc users.
  • And people say Microsoft have a problem with crossplay. Lol
  • historically, they did.  
  • Historically they BOTH did/do.  I'm struggling to name a single game on either platform that has crossplay in the last generation.
  • let therm fer approve xobox oen to pc crossplay first, so much for that one core $#@!$
  • Sony PS4...... The console and company that are committed to gamers everywhere.
  • I seem to recall this exact same situation reversed in the last gen. The problem is that the leading console does not benefit from allowing it in any way.
  • Not true. Each platform already has the game. No single platform would get a more advantage or disadvantage if it is implemented or not. All the platforms would be equal as they are now with RL. BUT PlayStation players would benefit by giving the game a better user experience. In fact every gamer that plays this game would have a better user experience. I'd PlayStation says no then that would hurt their rep.
  • If your friends play it with a PS4, you'll either get a PC or a PS4 to play with them, it does not matter if it's available on X1. It could be a different stoy if the game was starved of players on PS4, but it's clearly not.
  • Actually no. That's not how it works. I have the game on PC. I can't invite someone from PS4 OR XB1 to a party. I can only play with random people on console. So, I'd you want to play with your friends on a different platform then you have to buy that platform. This would only allow an Xbox player to play with a random ps4 player.
  • Ok, thanks for the clarification. Original point still stands, PS4 would not really benefit from opening up to (proper) cross-play, since it's the most popular console.
  • Still doesn't justify it for gamers though. Selfish move on Sony.
  • Wouldn't hurt though either.  All sony's attitude does is hurt the gaming community as a whole. They do have a pretty strong record of doing this in the past too and in areas not just related to gaming, cough rootkit cough.
  • True. It's a bad move for gamers, and I do seem to recall a reversed situation during the last gen, but can't remember the game. Point is, from the company perspective, apart from perhaps bad publicity, the leading console stands to gain nothing, and most likely to lose, from cross-play.
  • Depends on how the cross play works. If you can just invite someone from a different platform to play with you then possibly that's correct. In Rocket league you can't invite someone to your party from a different platform. Only from your own. You do play randomly with people from other platforms though.
  • I'll say this will happen very very soon. Like by the end of the month or sooner!
  • If they don't give the ok I may sell my ps4
  • Sony would be extremely stupid if they don't approve it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True but I guess I was thinking of the head to head stats, moving forward. I.e. Xbox teams vs PS teams.
  • You know what would be really awesome. Being able to create a party on PC with someone on XBOX.
  • You can do that in the xbox app on windows 10 ;)
  • I dont mean an xbox party, I mean I play RL on steam and invite a friend to play with me in my RL party/team who is on xbox.
  • Wouldn't that be cool!! PS4 and XBO players playing together.
  • Damn shame there's some great tournament potential there
  • I thought they were all about the gamers?  Guess not.