Rocket League to get cross-party support between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon (update)

Rocket League is a sports game where you control a vehicle and have to use it to play soccer. You jump, boost and hit your way to victory in intense single-player or multiplayer matches. The title requires a lot of skill and teamwork to succeed.

Updated January 22, 2019: Psyonix is targeting cross-party support for February.

Today on the Inside Xbox show, Psyonix revealed that Rocket League was getting a cross-party solution between Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch over the summer. A few years ago, the Xbox One version was updated to support cross-play with PC. Recently, the game got cross-play with Nintendo Switch, but there was no solution to partying up outside of private matches. Luckily, that will change with the addition of the "Rocket ID" system.

Rocket League is just one of the games that supports cross-play with Nintendo Switch. Other popular cross-play titles include Fortnite and Minecraft. As expected, Sony still doesn't support cross-play with other consoles.

A few hours ago, Rocket League appeared under a number of advertisements promoting Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft or the developer didn't announce its addition to the service, but now it's available for free to subscribers. Numerous gamers are reporting that they can install the title though Xbox Game Pass and play it without any problems. The store listing now also states that it's free if you're a subscriber.

Xbox Game Pass memberships costs $9.99 each month so be sure to check it out if you want a Netflix-style subscription for games. Unlike competing products, the titles download to your system so there's no streaming involved.

How to use Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play

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  • Great, Microsoft and Nintendo need to do this at the exclusion of Sony to show them what they are missing out on!!!
  • More great news for MS and Nintendo!
  • Dj Khaled voice, another one.
  • It already had it you just have to make private room on switch
  • read the article. its clearly stated in there. so heres your downvote
  • I will like to know if is possible to invite a friend that is playing on a Switch just like you invite someone that is on your friend list on Xbox.
  • Ammm years before was crossplay? It's so funny hahahaha now will be a true crossplay, cross PC and Xbox with Nintendo in this summer
  • Interested to see how "Rocket ID" works. Hopefully will be some kind of consolidation of all platforms accounts. Would be great if items would also be cross plat...
  • Seems a little needless though since you have to go through mobile to have a party on the switch. May as well just direct switch players to the Xbox App on mobile and party up in there.
  • Assuming it's just like how facebook or epic account.
    When you login with what ever outsider account you bind to your epic account, will just return an epic account.
  • Crossplay and Cross progression is the future for all multiplats with multiplayer. I will like to see a new type of feature Reverse Play where both Microsoft and Nintendo can play each others past game exclusives.
  • Crossplay and Cross progression is the future of gaming. Now they should allow cross past exclusives.