Rogers expanding Lumia 920 selection with more colours

Canadian mobile operator Rogers has announced on its official blog plans to bring in more Lumia 920 stock, with a stronger selection of colours for consumers. Taking feedback into account, the team reports that the network will offer the Windows Phone in red, white and yellow. As well as this, there's also a small contest where you could win one of the new Lumia 920s.

Rogers argues it was the first network to launch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. That may be the case, but we've certainly no forgotten just how difficult it was to physically locate one for purchase. The Mobile Nations team raided a number of stores across the country, until eventually we managed to snatch one.

The new Lumia 920s will be available at Rogers stores and online in the next handful of weeks, which paints the picture that Nokia is going full steam ahead on production. The Windows Phone must also be doing quite well for the mobile operator to consider taking on not only more units, but more versions of the same smartphone.

We mentioned a small contest, didn't we? Rogers is giving away one of the new Windows Phones it'll be receiving in the next few weeks as a little token of appreciation for the patience of customers over the last few months. So how does one enter to be in with a chance? Simple, all that's required is to comment on the article detailing the new Lumia 920s (not this one, but the on the Rogers blog).

Before January 31st, those who comment on the blog post detailing which colour he (or she) is most exited about and what they're looking forward to doing most on the new Lumia 920, will be considered for the prize. Three winners will be selected - one for each colour. Terms and conditions are present, and note that entries must be 150 words or less.

It's reported on the blog post that the new coloured variants of the Nokia Windows Phone are already available on Rogers Reservation System for existing customers to reserve. Good to see more support from Canadian networks.

Source: Rogers

Rich Edmonds
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