Rovio getting ready to announce Angry Birds for Windows Phone 7?

While we don't know what exactly they're going to say, Rovio evidently has some news for us regarding that Angry Birds on Windows Phone 7 thing. In a recent Tweet, the company wants to share their plans (possibly in Redmond no less) on bringing the popular game to our new OS.

The day is #angrybirdsday, which we're hearing is December 11th.

We doubt they're going to announce they're not supporting it, so all in all, this should be good news. Especially for those people who mockingly say WP7 isn't complete till we get this game. Pa-lease. Now lets get some green-pig destruction going already.

Source: Twitter

Daniel Rubino

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  • new version of angry birds exclusive to wp7!
  • Can someone tell me what's so good about this game!? I played the free version on the iPhone and deleted it in ~15mins.
  • This is a bit of a surprise. I contacted only 2 days ago about this and they said: In the future we wish to have support on every platform, but we will be not be porting to WP7 anytime soon. We apologize for the inconvenience! Best Regards, Oona Hilkamo
    Angry Birds Community Champ