Rowi gets updated for Windows Phone 8, gains impressive performance boost

The number of Twitter applications taking advantage of new features in Windows Phone 8 goes up almost every day it seems like. Today, Rowi gets an update that brings it to a level playing field with other apps like glƏƏk!, MeTweets and upcoming Twabbit. Observing the Windows Phone community the past few weeks you might notice a trend of each client having a loyal fan base.

So what can Rowi users look forward to in this new update? Read on, crouton.

Rowi has always been a nice Twitter client for Windows Phone and brings some new features for users on Windows Phone 8. If you’re rocking a Lumia 920 or HTC 8X you can look forward to now being able to:

  • Bug fixes
  • Support for all Windows Phone 8 screen resolutions
  • Performance optimized for Windows Phone 8
  • Voice commands like "rowi tweet" with support to translate voice to a tweet
  • Support for new small and wide live tiles

Holy cow. They were not joking around about optimizing performance for Windows Phone 8. This thing is simply fast. From launching the application the first time to swiping left and right while interacting. It’s fluid and with no lag in the application that I could find. 

Taking advantage of the voice commands was also a nifty little feature. All you need to do is say “Rowi...tweet”. You’re then launched into composing a tweet and you can do that by voice as well, however you can’t send the tweet by voice and will still need to physically send it.

I would have liked a few more features for their latest update. Maybe some sort of functionality that took advantage of updating the lockscreen, a neat trick that a lot of apps designed for Windows Phone 8 are taking advantage of these days. Another neat idea would be the ability to schedule tweets for later, something that MeTweets does.

All that being said, Rowi is another great option in a strong list of potential Twitter clients for you. Choice is a good thing so you should give Rowi a spin and see if it’s for you. You can download the full version for $1.49 (with Trial) or a lite version. Grab the full version right here in the Marketplace and the lite version here or use the QR codes below (Lite on the left and full version on the right).

QR: Rowi Lite

QR: Rowi

So, what’s your favorite Twitter client on Windows Phone 8 right now? Sound off below.

Sam Sabri