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Runtastic has ceased updates to its Windows Phone apps

If you're on the lookout for solid, consistently updated fitness apps for Windows Phone, your options are now a little slimmer. Runtastic quietly posted a notice to its website (via announcing that it is "phasing out" its Windows Phone apps, and will no longer be providing updates on the platform.

From Runtastic:

Unfortunately, Windows Phone has far fewer users compared to Android and iOS. This means that the market is relatively small. It is always a good idea to check out the future possibilities of a platform before purchasing a phone.Like every other company, we make our decisions based on where we see the greatest potential. At the same time, we are one of the few companies that has developed apps for this platform. Naturally, we also want to offer our Windows Phone users the best possible products. However, we hope you understand that our priorities are set according to platform and market and that from now on we will no longer be updating our apps for Windows Phone.

It's unclear when the notice was posted, but it looks like the last update to land for Runtastic's main apps came sometime in late September. As of right now, Runtastic's apps are still available (opens in new tab) in the Windows Store, but a lack of updates going forward could pose a problem should any new app-breaking bugs surface.

Runtastic was one of the better fitness apps for Windows Phone, so it's sad to see support dropper. That said, there are some alternatives, such as Caledos Runner (opens in new tab) and Perfect Workout (opens in new tab), that are worth looking into. And of course, if you have a Fitbit tracker, you can already take advantage of the Fitbit app for all of your runs. Are there any specific fitness apps you'll be turning to? Let us know in the comments!

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  • When will the bleeding end?!?!
  • When Nadella leaves, and they hire a CEO that gets that mobile phones are the new PCs.
  • We have the technology
  • Another one gone.
  • Until we are dead?
  • Yeah!  I'm not getting any younger... The drove of apps that are not just no longer in development, but leaving (removing from the store) is troubling.  MS totally missed the boat on mobile.  Even with Nokia trying to breath new life into it, MS has basically turned off life support.  Actions speak louder than words and with nothing in the works (Surface Phone is but a dream...), I'm afraid I will be looking at another OS for my next phone.  This "coming soon" mentality is nothing more than SAD.
  • As someone who LOVED Web OS, and then got on board with WP7 then 8 then 10, It's looking too familiar. iOS seems to be the only real place to go for a streamlines experience... (Android is great, but it is a lot harder to get a great experience.)
  • I wouldn't ignore Android if you're shopping. I've loved my experience as a previous WP user. I'll always miss live tiles though.
  • Download SquareHome from Google store, it has endless customization, live tiles etc etc and they update to the here and now not like windows where you get alerts that happened days ago. You need to play with for a while it's so comprehensive. In my opinion is easy better than Microsofts rendition!
  • Android has come a long way.
  • Android is still inconsistent across vendors, and the app quality still leaves a lot to desire.  iOS is simply better there, and it has a lot to do with a difference in philosophies regarding how the app stores are run. Because Apple was "first" (in quotes because yea, I know), they could launch with a walled garden and exert a lot more control and put a lot more requirements on developers to keep the crap to a minimum.  Android, Blackberry, and Windows Stores never had that luxury. That basically set the tone for thier Mobile App ecosystem. Their competitors have been fighting crap because of this. Android has gotten better, but that has more to do with complete willingness and "enthusiasm" to develop for it than it did with "well, they sell a lot of phones... I guess we HAVE to go there." I feel like Microsoft should have kept Metro/UWP only for LOB Apps on Phones and Tablets and PCs with Touch, but pushed .NET Desktop APIs for Desktop Application development. They could have bought WPF, etc. up to snuff. Right now they have: 1. A UWP that isn't even worth targeting, because the Platform is so biased to Mobile that it makes your Desktop Apps kind of horrible by default
    2. Desktop Frameworks that are on Life Support or "unofficially deprecated" (WPF, Windows Forms, MFC)
    3. A dying mobile platform, which was the linchpin of the UWP strategy. Without Windows Phone, there is almost no reason to care about UWP. It's just a bunch of blown up phone/tablet apps with bad feature sets, often bad performance, and horrible Desktop Accessibility (no Menus, poor support for Keyboard Shortcuts in most apps, really horrible use of screen real estate, etc.).
  • maybe they'll think for a Windows 10 app, don't forget all apps that have the code of Windows 8 all have to be killed in order for a Windows 10 app to be created. True it may take some time like eBay, they haven't announced an app for Windows 10 yet and Amazon is a disgrace.
  • or maybe not...
  • true that, we'll see after the release of Redstone 3 since they're going to apply lots of new APIs (new UI design for instance that can lead to a Surface phone) and a possible release for Surface phone (it would make sense it would be announced when Windows 10 will be overhauled again)
  • By then thw marketshare would probably be .1% and then why would the devs care for new APIs, new design language etc
  • you fanboys have said the same before the Redstone 1 and before the redstone 2 :)) aren't you tired of waiting on MS's lies? or simply too blind to see.
  • Mango will solve everything
  • I thought NoDo was the update we were waiting for.
  • Maybe developers are sick of rewriting their apps every two years on top of low market share.
  • True true, they can use the project islandwood ios bridge (what state is it? Is it being used, haven't anything from that project again)
  • Even MS is not using it, thats we have MS apps on IOS which are not yet on W10M
  • Did you actually read the article?
  • There really is no point in creating a Windows 10 App. Desktop Windows Apps have way less restrictions than UWP Apps, can be updated at will (via In-App Updaters, etc.), and typically perform better and with better accessibility on desktop platforms. A lot of people here are irrationally pushing UWP because they are Microsoft fans and they want that sub-platform to add value to other Microsoft products, like Surface. The entire value proposition of UWP lied with the existence of a viable Microsoft Mobile ecosystem. With Windows Phone basically floundering, and such poor app support... There is very little reason for an iOS or Android user to go there. Without going there, there is very little reason to bother with UWP - and, increasingly, Windows or Office. Apple knows this. Google knows this (ChromeOS, Android on Chrome, not putting Google Services on UWP and killing off their client applications whenever possible i.e. Picasa, Google Talk for Windows, etc.). I'm sure Microsoft knows this, but they dropped the ball. Microsoft didn't need a smartphone OS. They just needed a Tablet OS to cover their core markets (Professionals, Creatives (now, I guess), and business users. The OS didn't need to work like a Tablet, it just needed to have the functionality present of rate workflows that require it (i.e. Pen and Digitizer for using Editing/Illustration apps, etc.). The Surface, Surface Pro (with Keyboard + Pen) and Surface Book/Studio is basically all Microsoft needed; and they didn't need to deface their Desktop OS to get there. They've become Google Mini and the only people they've gained reputation with are the Super Fans and Tech Press (because the Tech Press likes "new stuff" and most tend to underplay the sacrifices that come along with it).
  • n8ter#ac, I agree with your mobile comments...HOWEVER, windows 10 on desktop is miles ahead of MacOS and Chrome. MacOS is stale, and Chorme is OK for basic use. But you can pick up windows 10 machines with more power and usefulness, all for just as cheap as a Chrome book now.
  • To be fair, Runtastic app has not been updated since I don't know when. You can see it in the old WP8 interface. Endomondo, which has no new updates for several months, is still better and equal or better functionality. I guess Windows Central had a partnership with Runtastic, since they never promote Endomondo and instead always promoted Runtastic, despite of Endomondo's higher quality app. So boys, if you want a better app than Runtastic, gor for Endomondo.
  • Last update for Runtastic is dated 27/09/2016. So, not that long ago.
  • They must have fixed bugs only, because the interface is so WP7/8. I still prefer Endomondo's app.
  • It's only a matter of time before the Store is filled only with 3rd party apps and endless runner games.
  • The Surface Phone will save us all!
  • You forgot the /s
  • /Soon™
  • bah ha ha ha! funny Bruno
  • nope, Nokia 8 or Samsung S8 will kill that too
  • Damn! The company has a point but my question is, Is Microsoft even aware this is happening to the platform? Do they really care? I don't even hear of new UWP apps anymore and those were our only hope. Guess my 950 will be my last.
  • Agreed. I'm not sure, but it appears Nadella yawns through these announcements without a care in the world. His customers are in pain every time an app leaves the Windows ecosystem, but he just doesn't give a sh|t.
  • Nadella and rest of executives have made it clear, they have LOST mobile race so they are making no efforts to keep running.  
  • Mobile is now at a pint where it's not a consumer platform. The only targets left, could be by design, are enterprise customers who are security minded and don't want to enter the apple stable. This is obvious to see by the service types being released to market. The elite, great as it is, is not in any way aimed at consumers. Perhaps one day the rest of the world will se the value in the platform, but the days of build it and they will come are we'll and truly over.
  • Build it and they will come was over by the end of 2011. All Microsoft had to do was follow up on their plans to integrate the Phone with the Desktop - basically... what they allowed Apple to leapfrog them on and do with iOS and macOS (Continuity, Hand-Off, Call and SMS Relay, etc.). That was what Windows Phone users were hoping for. It's what drove a lot of people to the platform in the beginning. Apple has clearly shown that you don't have to turn a Desktop OS into a Tablet UX to achieve this. With that kind of integration in Windows Phone 7, I feel like that would have had a better impact than the API and UI shuffling that has plagued Windows (Mobile, especially). I know iPhone users who went out and bought $4k+ top spec MacBook Pros, and won't touch Windows because their phone doesn't work with the OS that well. Microsoft is misguided. Many people do not want the same OS on their Phone and their PC. At least, they do not want the same user experience on their Phone and their PC - unless we're talking about web sites. They simply want the two form factors to work together very well, to the point that they can benefit from the greater power, portability, or flexibility while maintaining the convenience of a seamless workflow across all form factors. So yea... Amazing. Affinity Photo finally came to Windows! As a Desktop App... Meanwhile, it's coming to iPad with full Handoff and Continuity Support... One strategy seems to be working much better than the other, for clearly obvious reasons... Despite the fact that Microsoft does sell a lot of Surface devices...
  • This is not nice for us devotees of Windows Phone but an infallible business decision. User numbers shape platform sustainability for most developers. No excuses.
  • They built these apps for Microsoft when the platform was at 10% in EU and 5% US, and growing. Nadella killed that, so they are just following his lead. You can't blame developers for abandoning Windows after he did. The PC is the past, and mobile is the now and future (as far as we can see).
  • .
  • Nadella simply saw the writing on the wall, Windows Phone was doomed to failure no matter what, the ship had sailed. Devs had already abandoned Windows in droves prior to this. MS was pouring huge amounts of resources into Windows Phone and getting only 10% at best marketshare, that was unsustainable. The only avenue left for Microsoft is to try and turn some of it's userbase into PC/mobile hybrid users which is exactly what they are doing with celluar PC program, hololens/xbox also keep the flicker of UWP apps alive. A change in MS leadership will do absolutely nothing, Apple/Google have mobile locked up, it's pure fantasy to think MS can make any real dent in that.
  • Quitting with a "we never win" attitude is a self-fulfilling prophesy. No wonder you believe he was right. Windows Phone was GROWING when he took over. It was at 5% in the US and 10% in the EU, and had apps like Runtastic on board. Those numbers sound like unbelievable and impossible fantasies after 3 years of Nadella's leadership, but that was reality before he took over.
  • But that time the phones had the label of Nokia
  • No it wasn't growing. They had some success with the L520, but those people were not upgrading to the phones Nokia released after. Nokia was abandoning the platform for a reason. It was not growing, it had plateaued and that was only on the Nokia name and dirt cheap devices. That is not sustainable.
  • If Microsoft wasn't so bipolar and have told that the old models wouldn't be upgraded to windows 10 would not happened that, also I tried Windows 10 I'm a Lumia 520 and It's not usable It's so slow that even with an proper upgrade to the final release of Windows 10 would not changed the bad performance also I tried in a Lumia 820 which worked as slow as the Lumia 520 with Windows 8.1 when tried Windows 10
  • "The latest set of Kantar Worldpanel data, released today, shows that Windows Phone is holding steady on its recent gains in market share. The figures for the 3 months ending November 2013 indicate Microsoft's mobile platform has a 10% sales share in Western Europe and just under 5% in the US."      
  • And more real history showing how wrong you are...  "In its latest report on Mobile Trends, researcher Kantar calls Windows Phone "the fastest growing OS in the world"    
  • After 2 years of Nadella and nothing but bad news, it's easy to forget that when Nadella took over Windows Phone GROWING and still had a viable chance at success. 
  • That doesn't show growth. The first article specifically says "stayed steady" and the second article is just a forecast that didn't come true. Later in 2014 the L930 was released, but sales didn't grow and again, the higher end devices didn't sell at all. Only the cheapest phone had any success. If Windows phone had potential, Nokia would not have abandoned it.
  • It didn't say "stayed steady", please quote correctly and completely.  I'll help you, "holding steady on its recent gains in market share​".  Wow, it sounds different when you really quote the article, but it does show you didn't know what you were talking about so I get why you didn't want to use the real quote.
  • It doesn't say steady growth. Either way, in 2014 it didn't grow in any meaningful amount. Nokia continued to only sell cheap phones in low quantities compared to the market.
  • What the heck are you talking about? Look at the graph titled "Windows Phone sales marketshare in key markets in the last 12 months (Kantar Worldpanel data)".  It clearly shows the marketshare GROWING from 4.5% to 8.5% in the previous 12 months. This was published right before Nadella took over.  I know the news has been so bad since Nadella took over that its hard to believe the platform was growing, or that good news was being reported about Windows Phone but it was in fact true.  Nadella ended the momentum.  Unless you just refuse to believe the data and news from the time, and prefer some alternate history that you've made us somehow.
  • Yes. They had growth in 2013 in price conscious markets with the release of the 520, which was a great performer at a great price. In 2014, the new phones, especially the higher end phones, didn't sell well at all and sales didn't increase. They were still stuck at ~4% worldwide and that was only selling the cheapest devices possible. The higher end phones never sold well. Again, why was Nokia leaving if it was in such a great position? You are trying to rewrite history. It was dead before Nadella took over. Minimal growth in 2013 selling $30 phones isn't success.
  • I'm glad you now, when faced with irrefutable data, admit that Windows Phones market share was going prior to Nadella taking over.
    Now, you've changed your tune and argument. You're saying it was growing, but losing money. Whether they needed to continue to invest in market share or not is open to debate. That Nadella killed growth of Windows Phone is not.
    I feel they that by abandoning the required investment to maintain and grow their phone market share, they killed the viability of UWP because most apps are built mobile first. Second, they hurt their credibility with mobile developers that had invested in Windows mobile efforts. Third, they hurt themselves with customers that trusted them and force them to adopt Google or Apple ecosystems. Finally, I believe with so few apps, developers, and customers now trusting Microsoft, I believe they've really damaged the ability of even a game changing mobile device from Microsoft (Surface Whatever) to be successful.
  • Your data matched what I said the whole time. Sales grew in 2013 with the release of the L520. They did not grow after that, well before Nadella took control. Nokia was unable to transition those L520 users into L830 and L930 buyers. It was stagnant at~4% worldwide and they were only selling the cheapest of devices. None of the profitable, high end phones were selling at all. Nokia did not see a way forward with Windows Phones. They were leaving and for some reason Balmer bought a business that was failing. Nokia would not have left if it wasn't failing. Nadella did the smart thing and killed a platform that had proven to be a failure. 4% market share only selling $30 phones is not a successful business. Nokia was leaving for a reason and you ignore that fact.
  • You're hysterical. You plainly stated "No It wasn't growing" and "it didn't show growth". It's ok, I never expected you to say I won, but it's fun to watch you squirm anyway. :)
  • Go back to my original comment. I said they had success with the L520 but nothing sold after that. They did not grow beyond that initial growth brought by the L520. Nokia was leaving because they could not sell high end phones and sales were stagnant.
  • Your original statement said twice that "is was not growing", and that's not true and a lie. It was growing as the graphs and data show everyone, but you.
    Look, if you want to maintain that the Sun comes up the in West and set in the East, or the things fall up, or whatever, go for it. Your simple refusal to accept you are wrong doesn't change reality. Again, your original statement said twice that it wasn't growing and that was easily proven wrong. Live with it, or remain in La La Landf.
  • Yeah, you are right, it was kinda growing after a big slump in 2013 and 2014. But to put it in perspective, they maxed out at 10.5 million units in a quarter where the market moved 380 million total! They only captured 2.7% of the worldwide market at their peak sales! Again, those were not quality sales. They were only moving the 520 series. It wasn't a sustainable business. Nokia left for a reason. Balmer should have just let it die and used that Nokia money to seriously reboot the platform and try a new strategy.
  • yes 4 people bought windows phones this past quarter. that means a 40% growth. from 10 to 14....
  • Nokia made the same mistake they did with Symbian, releasing a huge number of devices with very little difference between each phone.
  • I agreed with everything up until the last sentence. . To think that everything will always be Apple and Android is being very short sighted. They dominate now but Windows is still kicking (and we're still screaming). There will be a resurgence of users but Microsoft needs to build a compelling device and polish the OS. I'm not saying that Windows will be a huge success, but it's very unique between the major 3 operating systems. It's actually not bad that we Insiders are putting up with it and keeping it alive without consumers being turned off by its unfinished nature. They haven't thrown in the towel, they are building it right this last time. IN PANOS WE TRUST
  • there were many compelling devices before, Panos cannot do magic, W10 software will fail even the surface phone, remember all kind of issues with HP Elite X3 and needed a few updates to stabilize, when L950/950XL were launched they were marred by bugs, Surface book had issues, so will surface phone(though I hope not) but they have a very tight deadline to bring in WOA so there will be issues. These software issues will drown any positive talk around the hardware.
  • There's a slight difference between screaming with joy, and screaming in pain. Which one are we doing?
  • Well.., I'm a heavy Runtastic user, with a big, big history recorded in their servers, so... this is probably the final nail for me. Lumia 950 is / was my last WP / WM phone. I love windows phone / windows 10 mobile UI / UX, but this is ridiculous. Besides the camera, mail client and Groove, what else is there... perhaps the Surface Phone can change something, but I don't believe it will, unfortunately.
  • Well I guess you have Continuum?
  • Even for the die hard, its time to move to either the Apple or Google ecosystems. Microsoft went from questionable leadership under Ballmer, to a vacuum of leadership under Nadella.
  • Who authorized you to speak for the rest of us? I have no need, nor desire, to move to iOS or Android. WP meets all of my needs. 
  • Haven't you heard? Phone and Contact apps are being streamlined with the next build.
  • This is a bit gutting as I used Runtastic a lot alongside my Band. Though I say used as I haven't been out running for awhile. When I do start again I'll still be using it in the hope they'll reconsider when the market share picks up again.
  • At this point unless the app goes UWP and shoots for the desktop, tablet or even Xbox user base, with phones benefitting by extension, chances are it's on the chopping block. Runtastic was still an 8/8.1 app - it still referenced the old Music + Videos hub - so I can't say I'm surprised they killed it.
  • This illustrates the failed theory behind UWP strategy in conjunction with mobile retrenchment strategy. The latter ensured the failure of the former. Runtastic, like most popular apps today, are mobile first, with little need of a PC app. By abandoning his mobile OS platform, Nadella gave developers, like Runtastic, little reason to continue support of Windows at all.
    It was incredibly short sighted on his part.
  • Yeah, there are a number of other apps that just are not worth developing for pc's and tablets even if there were a billion users.
  • No... I' would prefer to quit running rather than moving to Android. The cost of sticking with WM will be gaing some kilos and losing my good fitness condition I'm affraid..,.
  • LOL!!!!
  • I just dropped the windows phone, not due to the apps, but due to the lack of hardware, I am now on my 3rd hp elite, the hardware wasnt stable and now the company wont even bother to just give me a refund.  I had to buy a new phone since theirs just kept dying and they kept having to ship me new ones.
  • Let's be honest, you dropped WM because of lack of commitment and fight in the leadership at Microsoft. That's why hardware and apps are leaving, Nadella has no fight in him.
  • I think it was the final straw to a dying platform I have supported since 2011
  • It's Microsoft fault not making any phone in 2016.Microsoft destroyed windows phone
  • They have leader, his name is Nadella.
  • damn cowards    
  • Damn, it was my go to app for recording my jogs. ☹
  • What purpose does the imagined Surface Phone serve if the platform is already dead before it even gets here?
  • Exactly.
  • Exactly. They are busy busting ass for the hardware, and this token idiot CEO has sat on his dead butt amd done nothing to support them. There will be nothing for it to come to. Gotta love this idiot that people try to defend. Get his ass out of here already. The sight of him makes me want to throw up.
  • Further reinforcing my decision to get an Android phone. It comes tomorrow. I'm looking forward to actual app support, though I will miss the Windows Mobile UI.
  • I switched to android almost 2 years ago when the WP8/10 platform was starting to die. If you still want the Homescreen UI inlcuding rudimentary live tiles, try "square home launcher"
  • They did their best. They even before a year they offer the app for free . But the competition is high with others. Good luck Runtastic
  • 'We are so excited' ..........
  • Looks like 2017 is the year when MS finally announce retirement of windows phone.
  • I do think all the App Dev's have need waiting for a statement from Microsoft for the past 2 years and they have produced nothing other than we are not leaving mobile. but they are not releasing any phone and they are not showing that they are in the game. Do they not know how hard its going to be to bring dev's and users back to the platform with they don't release anything ...
  • Looks like I will be bowing to our new overlord Google in the vary near future
  • Yo happy Indian windows fans.... It's time to uninstall yet another app.... The eCommerce flipkart owned Myntra app. So now you know this will be followed by Flipkart and Jabong.... again owned by Flipkart! Amazon is already no more... So just use your browser to shop online! A real sad story scripted by an Indian... Mr. Nadella!
  • Apparently Caledos is also giving up with Windows Phone platform. They haven't updated the app in ages and are about to release a new Android app.
  • Why would developers support a platform the CEO of the platform doesn't support? Microsoft has many Android/iOS exclusives too.
  • MS is getting exactly what it wants. The more developers leave the platform, the easier it will be for Nadella to pull the plug on mobile. For a change MS actually has a strategy that works, even though its a destructive one. Extremely sad.
  • "It is always a good idea to check out the future possibilities of a platform before purchasing a phone." - Wow what a kick in the nuts.
  • Last time I checked Nadella told me "If noone is going to make Windows phone's we will do it ourselves" And MS said "We are not quitting mobile" And "RS2 will be more mobile centered"
  • And don't tell me you have actually believed that crap talking?
  • Sad ....
  • Well that is hella sucky. I'd just restarted my workout regime after the holidays. Well at least they're not being pulled from the store.
  • eh, kind of accepted the wp is a beta platform. can't really expect the people that aren't in partnership to keep apps flowing for a beta system. if you live by and die by apps you left the platform already by now.
  • Like I said a million times, in 2017 the windows store will bleed completely dead. By the time some surface phone arrives windows store is to ashes.
    The retrenchment is the stupidest thing ever. What idiot fruitella gets such ideas? This is a ******* loss:((( I always used this.
  • da da da da da.....another one bites the dust! - Freddy and Queen. Guys...face it, the windows mobile/phone/windows 10 on devices smaller than 7" whatever symantics you want to use, is DEAD! UWP is a failure....Thank god my windows 10 computer can run real programs instead of apps since the apps are going to be have baked crap at best. Use an iPhone, get all your Microsoft services, a phone that's faster and more stable than windows phone/mobile/windows 10 on devices smaller tha 7" whatever the fanboys want to call it....and all in a device that's supported for years not minutes!
  • You mean: burn 700€ on a phone and get stuck with a system where I can't even copy a mp3 file? Or install a SD card? For that money I prefer a good laptop, thanks...
  • It is 2017. Who deals with MP3 these days? Streaming has made all that transferring and storing of music archaic. There are so many good services that replaced that model years ago. I guess you just aren't used to getting modern services on Windows Mobile.
  • I was going to say, I have not downloaded an MP3 in over a year. Don't need an sd card anymore. Onedrive for all my photos, videos and files, I have 1tb with my office subscription, Apple music for all my music, and the rest just sync's....No need for SD....even though I have a 128gb iPhone....its better than anything MS came out with sorry!
  • Microsoft has those services too, but you know what, I just like to have my own media files and copy them freely when I want. How about listening to some music on the bus, train or subway offline? How about saving my 4K videos to my SD card? I use Onedrive too, but I'm not 100% online and don't want to be stuck with Spotify or whetever for my big music collection.  This is called digital freedom.
  • You clearly have zero knowledge about music streaming services: Apple Music, Google Music, Groove, Spotify etc etc...the fact that you can actually save the playlists for offline data needed. Groove let's you put your own songs in the cloud, Google and Apple the don't like the iphone because is dependant on itunes, fine.. Android is not, can download mp3s, can have an really should cut the crap with pathetic excuses for defending this mediocre winmo platform.
  • and the downvotes proove how fcked up you fanboys are
  • a. Who's talking about Android?  b. I was arguing that I won't ever pay 700€ for a iPhone because I don't want to get stuck in an ecosystem. Especially one that is so closed down as the iOS actually is.  c. I know how those services work. I am a Spotify (non premium) and Groove user FYI. Groove is good because I can simply copy any music file to the /music folder and it just works. Spotify creates come proprietary files. I say again: I want to have a music collection where I won't depend on a particular service. If one day Spotify closes down, I'm covered by having all my files and won't loose anything.  d. About the SD card... You don't find that important.Ok...So for you storage space is irrelevant and cloud space is the only thing that matters. Not for me. I like to have my storage Different opinions. e. Your agressivity only shows that you simply hate Microsoft and need to justify the load of money splashed into your iPhone. Maybe you need to relax and spend less time on Windows forums, where you reveal your frustations with unjustified negativity.
  • Why does it bother you so much that some use a different OS to iPhone? None of us care in the slightest what device(s) you prefer to use, but sadly you can't say the same thing.... Can you?
    You've been repeating the same comment for months lol. Surprised one man can drone om for this long Move on
    Its for the best
  • It doesn't in the least...enjoy your useless windows phone. I used to when there was some growth...but ever since MS bailed on it, it's been down the *******.....IMO iPhone is better than android because of stability and speed. No other reason...but both android and iPhone are miles a head of the waste of time that's called windows phone. my 1020s were awesome....but windows 8 was bailed on by ms so they could create this clusterfuck we have now!
  • Lol then don't use Windows10 or windows phone.
    *wow that is a shocker right?*
    But nope, instead you result to going to WC and droning on, and on, and on, about how bad Windows(Phone) is. About how everyone should buy an iPhone (this isn't the 1st time you've said this in an article). You come on here arguing that everyone who likes WP is a fanboy (I love that the most. Doesn't matter if you like multiple OS's, if WP is in your collection of likes, you're a fan boy *logic*) Like I said... move on.
    It's for the best
  • The app gap is growing at an alarming rate.
  • This is really sad... I'm waiting for some apps to come to WM, like my bank app, now even worse, every week an app drop support for WM... I don't want to move to Android...
  • Nadella is a collosal dissapointment. My current Lumia will be my last (and no I will not buy a Surface phone). Maybe Nokias new Android devices is an option...hmm.
  • One of the points Microsoft has made for not leaving the mobile space is how much effort it takes to get the radio stacks certified for use on various cellular networks. If I remember correctly, that particular hurdle accounted for about a year delay in getting WP7 to market. My question is now, what good is a radio stack without any apps to support it? Granted Microsoft may be trying their hardest to see "beyond the curve" for the "next big thing", but what good is it without the developers to support it? Seems to me that MS has completely ignored how long it will take to build a developer base again. Even they just held the status quo before the "retrenching", seems like it would have been better than this alternative. Even worse though, the failure of Windows in the mobile space has PR consequences... the normal person is going to look at Windows mobile devices as either a joke. Even if MS comes out with the next great thing, without the developers to support it, Apple and Google will have plenty off time to catch up on technology.
  • Use Run+ it's a UWP and a much better running app. Run+
  • This looks promising. Is this better than the Adidas app?
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