Runtastic Me brings detailed activity tracking to Windows Phone

There's some good news for running enthusiasts out there: Runtastic Me has finally made its way to Windows Phone. When paired up with Runtastic's Orbit fitness band, the app allows for 24-hour tracking of key metrics like calories burned, steps taken, and total active minutes.

If you pick up the app, here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Runtastic Orbit's Perfect Partner: Make the most of your 24-hour tracking by combining the power of Runtastic Me with Runtastic Orbit, Me's compatible hardware counterpart
  • Step Tracking: Monitor your daily steps and total distance covered to ensure you're keeping active, even on the busiest of days
  • Active Minutes: Track your active minutes to try and identify moments in your day when you can sneak in a bit of extra movement during regular daily activities
  • Calories Burned: Monitor your burned calories, utilizing a complex calorie calculation incorporating BMR, AMR, weight, age and gender, to ensure you're finding a healthy balance between caloric intake and energy output
  • Set & Achieve Goals: Set goals and monitor your progress throughout the day – colored progress bars will give you a sense of how you're doing
  • Challenge Yourself: Easily compare your daily stats to the previous day to see how your efforts are stacking up and which days could most often use a boost of activity

Runtastic Me Screenshots

Of course to take full advantage of the app's feature set, you'll want to get your hands on an Orbit fitness band. Here's how Runtastic describes the integration between Runtastic Me and the Orbit:

Data generated by Runtastic Orbit is synced with Runtastic Me wirelessly, allowing you to view comprehensive daily stats (including your sleep tracking!) in your Me app and on the Orbit's display. No Orbit? No problem! You can also track your steps with the Lumia SensorCore to monitor your activity.

Be sure to hit up the link below to grab Runtastic Me, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Thanks to Michael C. for the tip!

Download Runtastic Me for Windows Phone (Free)

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  • Runtastic? Does it work with non-SensorCore devices? And how much does it track...? >:•)
  • It works with its own fitness tracker, the Orbit, and uses GPS. Almost as an after thought, side note, it works with sensorcore
  • Yay for more official apps.
  • More official apps
  • Health+fitness is the best.....
  • It sure is... To my surprise, I walked into a Microsoft store yesterday and they had the "Band" in stock. I purchased it immediately. Roosevelt Field Mall, Long Island, NY.
  • App does not run on my 830. It just displayed welcome screen then close.
  • +1520
  • +1320
  • I have been using runtastic apps on windows phone for several months now. It's good to see that they are increasing the number of apps available on windows phone.
  • I loved this month .. So many exclusives ... looks like MS want to close the so called app gap in this month and make app gap a 2k14 word only GoPro app , Duolingo , CC etc etc
  • Are you just being off-topic? This app isn't close to being an exclusive.  In fact, it comes to Windows Phone well after being on the other platforms.  None of the other apps you listed are exclusive either.
  • I'm not sure if he knows what the word exclusive means. However, his point still stands, as December has been an awesome month with loads of official apps.
  • Please Strava next really missing this on wp
  • Any one here... Screenshot not working in my 1020
  • One week bank I got phone update after that screenshot not working
  • Guess you're not alone...
  • Happy Yalda!!
  • I am using Runtastic Pro since 6 months and, although it's far for being perfect, it's the best out there, specially by considering their web counterpart.
  • I agree. Their analysis of your data is great and the runtastic app ley me program intervals when others (Band guided workouts included) did not.
  • Did not work for me. Granted, I don't have an Orbit in my wrist, but this is supposed to work with SensorCore in your phone to count steps, right? Except that it does not. To make sure my phone is not to blame, I fired up MSN Health&Fitness and the step counting worked flawlessly. Oh well, maybe they can get back to updating their main running app now. It's good but lags behind and is missing features compared to the android-version.
  • Runtastic Me and the regular Runtastic App are meant to work together (at least on other platforms) therefore a GPS tracked run should import itself into Runtastic Me eventually. At least, that's my understanding
  • I've used Runtastic for a year and like it. Now I can use the heart monitor I bought back in September since Verizon finally updated our phones.
  • Ahhhh the joys of not having the Cyan update for my Icon -- unable to support the orbit due to no Bluetooth 4.0 and cyan... Good ol Verizon...
  • Will definitely install this
  • I thought we already had runtastic, what is the difference in runtastic me?
  • The Runtastic Pro Software are one of the best to Runners and Fitness. I use it for more than a year when i used my old Android Phone, and when i migrate to Windows Phone, I still using this App. Over Windows Phone do not have official support for 3 party Hardware, I bought a Runtastic sensor on AMAZON, It's Never works! They do not have support and the hardware are expensive and bad quality made. At least I use a Polar H7 sensor, and this works perfect. I DO NOT recommend buy any Runtastic Hardware (Orbit inclusive, read users reviews,they comment the same issue, bad quality and cheaper made), May be, in a time, they support unofficially the Microsoft Band.