The Samsung ATIV One 7 Windows 8.1 PC will start shipping March 8 for $1,299

The Samsung ATIV One 7 all-in-one PC, with Windows 8.1, will be available for purchase and shipment starting on Sunday, March 8 for $1,299. The ATIV One 7, which is the only all-in-one PC with a curved display, was first announced in later December.

The 27-inch display supports 1080p resolution, but according to The Verge, its curved shape is perhaps the only truly unique thing about the ATIV One 7. Inside there's an Intel Core i5 processor, along with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive for storage. The ATIV One 7 can also connect to a Samsung Galaxy smartphone so it can handle calls and texts coming to the phone on the big screen.

Source: The Verge

  • Overpriced.
  • I second that
  • It is expensive, but looks pretty impressive!. That Galaxy connection is interesting.
  • 1st thing on my mind.
  • Agree! It is too expensive!! The price should be below 1000.
  • I'm no marketing expert, but as an avid consumer in my opinion, the ATIV name is bad. It's an anagram for something that either nobody knows what it means, and if you do, it's still lame. Secondly, ATIV One 12?! Two sets of numbers... Really?! We do have words people. End rant.
  • Vita, life, backwards. An ATIV One 87 in murder black would be interesting.
  • Yup, it is and the main reason they apparently went with Ativ was that "Vita" has been trademarked by Sony for product names.
  • Yeah, the title to article was a bit of a tongue twister. Even though I've seen ativ many many times, I already expect to see a four wheeler.
  • Ok. Vita (life) backwards. So we have a product name that's backwards AND in another language to find the meaning?! Really... That's way too indirect IMO, even with marketing leeway! Pretty sure ANY American word would have been better..
  • ATIV is a nice sounding word to me...
  • Samsung Courage
    Samsung Freedom
    Samsung Nucular
    Samsung Terrist You're right American words sound great.
  • Samsung is Korean, you know.
  • Vita's not a Korean word anyways!
  • Yea, it's perfectly cromulent gibberish.
  • Haha cromulent
  • Samsung Bacon
  • Yeah, I always had trouble with that name. I didn't see it for being an anagram of "vita," but rather thought it was some cute way of saying "Active" but dropping a couple of letters.Therefore the pronunciation always seemed awkward to me, which is a bad characteristic for a brand. Even if we know that it is "vita" backwards, I still don't know how I'm supposed to pronounce it. Uh-tiv? Ah-tiv? Don't get too clever with the name. Make it simple, make it catchy, make it easy to talk about in conversation. Nobody wants to say "ATIV" in conversation.
  • By that logic, Lumia is a bad brand name because people might ask if it is pronounced "L-uh-mia" or "L-oo-mia"? I just say "Ay-tiv" and be on my way.
  • Too expensive
  • Where is my Ativ S5?
  • @Jorge. You mean S6, right? That would be gorgeous! I would totally buy that!
  • @Jorge Silvera:
    Can haz Ativ S6 edge, pleeze?!
  • Too much money for an i5 PC. And it runs Windows but syncs with Galaxy (android) phones? How about syncing with a Windows ATIV phone and other Windows phones.
  • Seriously... =/
  • In fairness, that's probably on Microsoft. I don't think Samsung could make it sync and connect in this way even if they wanted too for their Windows Phone devices. Maybe Windows 10? :/
  • MS own Windows Phone App doesn't even sync with their phones anymore.
  • It syncs with mine currently, but I'm sure they'll have a different sync system once Windows 10 is released. Heck since everything is done by the cloud now there really is no need to sync using a dedicated app anymore, and that's most likely Microsoft's intentions
  • Moreover, I reckon this comes with integrated graphics. I think a 27 inch iMac with Windows 10 is a better bet.
  • No. Just stop thinking. Moreover, next to Samsung you'd better get an 27" A series from Lenovo. Looks prettier too. And without a lame logo ;)    
  • That name brings out my dyslexia.
  • Lol
  • Lol
  • Don't u mean your lyxadies
  • It's just hard for me... Looks like MS named it.
  • Nah, if Old-Microsoft named this, it'd be the ATIV Three Minus Two One Plus Six Windows Enterprise Pro Pack Plus Starter Edition 2015 w/ Built In Microsoft Name Maker Super Awesome Τεράστια Muti-Language Pack Late 2014 Wydanie. (Maybe I went a /little/ too far?)
  • Built In Microsoft Name Maker❓ Lol❗
  • @Rodney. You have a serious vendetta against MS, don't you? I know MS has their problems, especially their US centricity, but I still LOVE their products.
  • Lol.. Personal vendetta... I love MS products! The best, for the most part, as far as I'm concerned...
    Biggest WP fan in the world.....
    That's why I'm super critical...............
  • Well that's a mouthful name ... I see Samsung keeping their heritage of long times live & well.
    On more serious note, sounds expensive for an i5 & a 1080p
  • Expensive? Naw, it has a CURVED screen, that adds SOOOO much value. /sarcasm
  • Hey now, we are talking Curved screens ...
    add some funk to it ;)
  • Oh, that's CLevER.
  • Hehehe :P
  • Have you guys looked at the price of curved screen TVs lately? Enough to make me fall over backwards!
  • So... the ATIV seventeen?
  • Unless Microsoft fixes the DisplayPort HDCP bug, I will not take the risk and buy an integrated PC... can't use it with Windows Media Center. I'm obviously in the tiny minority though.
  • Ooohhhh, haven't heard about this. Care to share?
  • Seems like Microsoft's marketing department executives helped Samsung to name this product. Next year's version will be the Samsung Ativ One 7 two. Wow. Good luck with that one, Samsung.
  • Actually, Samsung's own executives got this one covered, the one that sticks out the most is "Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic Touch 4G"
  • Orrrr, the Samsung Ativ One 8. It's not that bad. Tried some of Apple's names lately? - Apple iPod touch 5th Generation. I think that is slightly too long!
  • Not that I am an Apple apologist, but that isn't the product's name. It is simply iPod Touch. They don't put Apple in front of it, not needed. People append things to differentiate for themselves. They don't call MacBook Airs, Apple MacBook Air mid 2013, either. Their branding is exemplary. As is much of their marketing prowess.
  • America does not have it's own language, it speaks & uses the English language!
  • I don't understand why my WP8 never dance's right with my win8.1
  • that naming conventions though... Effed up