Samsung ATIV S missing everywhere: Turns up in Austria? [Confirmed]

We wrote last week about the Samsung ATIV S and the ‘case of late availability’ but perhaps we spoke too soon. The Austrian T Mobile site is now showing the device as being in stock. Hurrah! ?

Many are waiting for the 4.8” monster phone from Samsung and while this looks like it could be good news, we’re unsure this is a sign of a rapid deployment or simply limited availability.

The ATIV S is proudly displayed on the webpage announcing that the Samsung device is a “Windows 8 Phone that oozes elegance”. That’s not a bad line for the slender contender, the device listed is the 16GB variant and there is no 32Gb version listed. Like any mobile contract the phone’s price will vary depending on your chosen tariff.

Samsung ATIV S missing everywhere: Turns up in Austria?

The 'Slender Contender' awaits

We certainly hope that this marks the start of availability for the holiday season; time is certainly getting tight if they are looking to pull a 2012 release off. The ATIV S looks for all intents and purposes like the Android based Galaxy SIII but that isn’t such a bad thing. Unlike all the other “hero” devices like the 920 and the HTC 8X the Samsung will come with the 16GB of base storage and allow a further 64GB on top of that. Just based on its potential storage abilities the ATIV S could be the one to go for if you’re inclined to take everything with you, anyone fancy 80GB of storage?

We’re still trying to confirm that the firm does have them in stock and there isn’t a “shipping” date hidden there somewhere. If you live in Austria and can help us out, please let us know in the comments below.

**UPDATE** We have received photo confirmation from derStandard that the device is on shelves and they even sent a photo (above) with our story to date the unit. Thanks Georg

Source: T Mobile

Thanks to Sebastian for the tip!!

  • biggest joke of WP8.  Samsung should be embarrassed but they aren't because they could care less.
  • WP8*
  • To each their own. As much as I love my red HTC 8x, this was the phone I wanted on Verizon when the rumor says Verizon will carry 8x, ativs, and Lumia 920.
  • They have no reason to rush a WP8 device.
  • For all we know, this phone may be the last "launch" WP8 to market but first without battery problems, camera problems, or reboot problems ;-)
  • Too bad Samsung has this "couldn't care less as long as Galaxies sell".
  • COULDN'T care less. It's COULDN'T not could. Could care less means that they do care, because if they didn't care at all, then it would be impossible to care less. 
    And it's pretty much the best WP8 device. If it comes to AT&T for a reasonable price I will trade my 920 for it. 
  • I have an 8x now, they took too long so my money went to the 8x T-Mobile phone because of that.. I needed a phone bad!
  • Dear Robert, I can confirm that they have those phones available in their stores as of today. Also, we were sent a review unit. I am currently preparing a follow-up story on this for (Ill inform you, once it is online)
  • Awesome, drop me a line using the contact form/twitter etc to let me know when you grab one. Thanks for the confirmation! RB
  • Pshsh, who'd want a "Snag-sum" phone anyway?!
  • The people who think that the ativ is an android GSIII
  • Another option is always good. I don't understand all the hate. the more options for WP8 the better. The GS3 is a decent phone with a flaky OS. The hardware + WP8 could mean business for WP8. I mean it has a decent form factor contrary to popular belief. SD card slot too with a decent sized battery. Yeah, I have a 920, but I hope WP8 really does push an Ativ S as well. 
  • I get my 920 this week ^.^
  • Hi, i live in Austria and they have had them for a while now. Not only tmobile but also another carrier, A1. The irony is that for some reason Nokia decided to forgo Austria and won't offer any of their new Lumias before January 2013 (despite some angry letters of mine i might add). Our Neighbors to north (Germany) and to the south (Italy) have them available since November. It's not just that you can't get a Lumia at a carrier, but you can't even purchase one anywhere in Austria. Of course you could import one from Germany, but according to Nokia Austria, you might miss out on some apps. Whatever that means.
    Just looked up A1 and they seem to have removed it from their website. But i am certain they offered it since i am so anxious to get a Lumia i hit up their homepage twice a day.
  • According to T-Mobile, they will have it exclusively for the next weeks (means probably until or Xmas or the end of the year). So I doubt that A1 will have them in stores before then or ship them earlier.
  • Lumia 820 is available at some stores in Vienna. I bought mine at Cyberport. It's CV DE but I didn't notice any problems because of this.
  • Aaaand there you go:
  • Woohoo!!! Austria is the first one! :-D
  • So will T-Mobile get it here in the states? Only one could hope it's true. And if this has the same camera from the Galaxy S 3, the Ativ S could be a real winner.
  • Finally. Now my friend who has been holding out the switch from his iPhone (hopefully) won't have to wait much longer.
  • Austria ftw ;)
  • Samsung Ative S is launching within 7 days in Sweden, at least on the operator 3, or carrier as you say.
    Ops! Wrong operator, meant Telia will have it. And they might have changed.
    samsung ativ S  for sale in Portugal, page 24
  • but probably not shipping yet. T-Mobile just confirmed, that they were at least the first ones in Europe to bring the Ativ S to market.
  • You can order your SAMSUNG ATIV S here since tmobile austria wont ship outside of austria