Samsung is back at work updating their core apps, which is good news for the handful of you ATIV owners out there. 

Samsung’s Now app is actually not a half bad “all in one” spot for your local weather, news, stocks and even social information. It’s laid out nicely, has a double wide main tile and is surprisingly zippy (even though the load screen doesn’t match the ATIV’s resolution).

The app got a small bump today from to though absent any changelog or visible new features, we’re hard pressed to tell you what is different. There is still no lockscreen support (which is a shame since their RSS reader has that) and the app appears to be functioning as it should, so perhaps Samsung just fixed some back things or made some performance improvements.

If you use the Samsung Now app, you can head to the Store to grab your update. Thanks, Saket S. and Bruno C., for the tip!

QR: Samsung Now