Samsung Focus 1.3 receiving update in Canada

Rogers is sending out updates to customers who own the Samsung Focus 1.3, to fit in with everyone else, although we're not sure what the update brings. While the OS version remains to be Mango (7720), both firmware and radio software versions have been bumped. Unfortunately, no tethering is present.

  • Radio software revision old: 2124.11.8.1
  • Radio software revision new: 2124.11.9.3
  • Firmware revision old: 2124.11.8.1
  • Firmware revision new: 2124.11.9.4

Let us know in the comments should you receive a similar update on Rogers and work out what's new, we'll update should we hunt down a changelog.

Thanks Se1fcr3ation for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • they really need to start adding changelogs to Firmware updates.. this is horrible :(
  • I can cofirm (in English ;) ) this update did push to my phone, and no we didn't get Internet Connection Sharing.
  • i hate roger, nothing new :(
  • What this update indirectly did for me was FINALLY complete the push of a lot of program updates to me. Perhaps just a coincidence but those updates finally did install.
    I was constantly seeing updates on my Marketplace Live Tile, but then going into the Marketplace and seeing no updates for me to install.
    I installed this update to the phone, almost immediately the Marketplace icon came up with 14 updates and voila I could finally, actually install them.
  • im prety sure it was just a bug fix.
    i called both ROGERS and samsung , no one could tell me what the update was :S
    witch is dumb!! i work for bell and i get a memo when new firmware goes out for cell phones ( and im not even in tech )
    so ether the rep was another idiot , or Rogers ARE JUST USLESS ,
    some of them still think the focus is a Android phone...
  • Hi....Since you work for bell..Anything in the Pipe so to speak for us waiting for the hd7 update as well..Since bell no longer carries windows phones on there web site..(((Selling off instore stock only))) Any word of us perhaps getting tethering????
  • I'm pretty sure the hardware compass is more stable after the update on my Focus, but I wouldn't mind seeing official release notes.
  • updated my Samsung Focus last night - Rogers network
  • Got an update today and it gave me tethering! finally :) Got a Samsung omnia 7 with three sweden. Its not the same firmware revision number or radio number (2424.11.10.1 and 2424.11.9.1) though.
  • This lack of a change log appears to be almost causing mass confusion. I've never really appreciated the always-present change log on iOS updates, until now.
  • I just got this update today..... Not really sure what's new