Samsung Focus S shown at Microsoft Inner Circle event [Video]

Looks like the Samsung Focus S, the expected follow up to the Focus, is making appearances at the Microsoft Inner Circle tour. The first one was held in LA last night in conjunction with GDGT and evidently a few of AT&Ts new phones were show off there as well.

The Focus S looks to a much bigger but thinner device, sporting a 4.3" Super AMOLED Plus screen in addition to front and rear facing cameras. It's basically the Galaxy SII wrapped with Windows Phone, which is a pretty good thing.

Look for the phone to hit store shelves within a few days.

Source: Windows Phone Daily

Daniel Rubino

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  • Why can't Sprint get Windows Phones like this? The Arrive is great, but it's a little thick and heavy. Would love to have this phone!
  • Sprint can getthis ifSprint wants it bad enough to pony up an offer and commit to it with the moolah money talks and hot aiur walks (away with nothing but disappointed ductomers in this case). It all about the money Sammie says to Sprint "Show me the money". If no money no honey for the Sprint nation. Did Sprint sign up for Android Galaxy II?
  • yes, sprint has the sgs2, it's called the Samsung Galaxy S™ II, Epic™ 4G about a paragraph of a name.
  • I really want this phone but the way my contract is set up I won't be getting a new phone until Apollo hardware comes outso I guess it's for the best but this phone looks really nice
  • Wait a while for the price to drop on ebay!
  • so they get their hands on the device and the ONE FREAKING question that everyone wants the answer to they don't even look at.HOW MUCH STORAGE DOES IT HAVE? i get that they probably couldn't open the back cover and see if there was an sd slot, but a quick look at settings would have been simple, it was a pretty bad video. :|i knew i should have gone to the gdgt afterparty instead of getting drunk at a halloween party!
  • We know there is no SD card slot on the Focus S. That's been confirmed. Samsung wants to use their better and faster NAND memory for better performance
  • do you have a source? while i'm pretty sure there isn't one, i'd still like to know capacity(ies) and that there isn't a slot for sure, and i have yet to see anyone reputable make claims for either of those things.also, the charging port on the bottom is going to bother me, but i think i still like this more than the titan. if only nokia had showed something about the rumored ace, i would have considered them, but as pretty as the 800 is, this phone is better imo.
  • I am disappointed by its design. Its more close to the SGS in terms of design then the SGS2. Its more rounder just like the SGS. The SGS2 has much smaller rounded edges and looks better.This is just the same 2 years old design reused. NOthing special.
  • Seriously? Another design complaint? This is getting quite old, how else do u expect a black slab to look? Its not like it's going to turn into a blow up doll or anything,just throw a case on it.
  • I am sure there are more smartphones who have been given an unique design. Samsung should look more to Nokia. With a nokia you know its a nokia. Unique and fresh. NOt the same lazy design samsung has been using for 2 years now.
  • go to apple forums and complain there instead, your barking up the wrong tree man.. :p
  • I am a WP7 owner and i love an unique device. I have the Omnia 7 and it looks much more unique then this one. This is just re-used lazy design by Samsung.
  • Am I really the only one that noticed that he had more than 5 cards in the multitasking pane? :P
  • I was just going to ask if I can't count? Went by awful fast but yeah, I think I saw 7!
  • I saw 7 cards as well. How much ram does this have?
  • I got an email from Daniel Rubino stating that this is normal. Usually we have only 5 cards open with apps but if you're running native apps, its normal to have more than 5. Honestly, I use multitasking everyday and have never seen more than 5.
  • I only counted 6 definite (he doesn't swipe enough to confirm or deny if there's a 7th one), which is the same as we're allowed now if you include the homescreen.
  • Daniel Rubino said we can actually have 7 right now
  • ughh my dell venue pro can run up to 6 cards?
  • So sad T-Mobile dosen't have this.
  • Nice handset but anything over 4" screen is too big for my liking and plus I dont fancy any more update headaches from Samsung device like I have had to endure with my Omnia 7.
  • A video with the Focus Flash is up on their site now.
  • "It is much thinner 8.5mm compared to Samsung Focus 9.9mm"That's 1.4 mm LOL