Samsung Galaxy Book is apparently a thing according to a new app

If a new app that's surfaced in the Windows Store is to be believed (h/t to the folks at MSPU), the Samsung Galaxy Book will be the successor to the TabPro S from 2016.

Simply called "Book Settings," the app doesn't show off much but does give a glance into some of the things we can expect to see on the Galaxy Book. Listed in the only screenshot available we see support for a digital pen, pattern login, AMOLED display settings and a battery extender that promises to improve the lifetime of your battery by limiting its charge level to 85%.

It's the first we've heard of such a device, with Samsung's last Windows 10 launches coming back at CES, all of which were more traditional laptops. The Galaxy TabPro S was a really nice 2-in-1, but the very nature of the name Galaxy Book suggests something more laptop-esque. Keeping the Galaxy branding is enough to say it probably isn't just another laptop. Perhaps Samsung's take on the Surface Book is headed our way?

What we do know is that Samsung is holding a tablet focused event at Mobile World Congress, so maybe the Galaxy Book will show its face there. Maybe it won't. But we don't have long to find out since it's taking place on February 26.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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