Good news for you Samsung owners out there, you get a free official Rubik's Cube game! Yup, as part of their Samsung Zone, they're giving away the game for free to all who own an Omnia7 or Focus.

"The classic cube is available in various dimensions with 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and 5x5 solid colour stickers on each face. Challenge yourself every time with the randomize feature. There are not time limits, take your own time to solve the game and track your records through the 'Best score' logs. Revisit your incomplete games in the saves games list to complete them. pause and resume your current game at any point. Learn to solve the cube through hints and the included help documentation."

The game's tile is also Metro allowing to blend in nicely. What else can we say? It's smooth, looks cool and is totally free. A+ on that, Samsung. If you're on a Sammy device, just click here to the Marketplace as it's not yet available in the Samsung Zone. (Thanks, Tahiti Bob, for the heads up!)