Samsung to hold "Premier 2013" event in London on June 20th

Samsung has unveiled an upcoming event, which will be held at Earls Court, London on June 20th. So what is the company up to? The press teaser sports both the Galaxy and ATIV brands, used for Android and Windows hardware respectively. Could we expect a new smartphone running Microsoft's operating system? Possibly, but we'll put our money on Windows laptops and a new tablet or two, as well as Android goodies.

As usual, we'll relay the latest news from the event so stay tuned to our feeds on the day. It's also stated a livestream will be available, so fear not if you're unable to attend. The company currently has the ATIV S (pictured above - our review) as its Windows Phone flagship, and while the company continues to boast about plans to support the platform and more, we can't help but not get excited for a new Windows Phone. 

Then again, Samsung could well surprise us. The event is planned to kick off at 7pm local time so be sure to clear schedules.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • We can hope...
  • I hope it's a new ATIV S with G4 specs. It could come out this holiday season with Nokia's EOS and Microsoft's OS update.
  • At this point...I'd settle with the Samsung ATIV S as long as I could know for sure that Samsung will 'actually' care about it.
  • where's the Like button? agreed.
  • Unfortunately it won't be GS4 specs because WP doesn't support these yet. The current ATIV S is a nice phone so we should get excited if it's going to be better than that. The problem for Samsung is that Nokia bring so much to the table with their devices and the new Lumia 925 will be a tough one to beat.
  • Hey you might not have seen in my post Microsoft's OS update this fall will support all the new features. So that's why I think it's a ATIV S with G4 specs. The Nokia EOS is also dependent on the OS update. Also the 925 looks awesome but it's rumored to only have 16GB in the USA. If so it's a no go for a lot of people. Like buying a corvette with a 4 cylinder. I'm outta room on my 920 with 32GB. Hopefully the 925 will come with 32GB. If it does I'll definitely buy one.
  • Yep I see your point if the new ATIV is available later this year. It would seem a bit silly for Samsung to launch a new phone prior to the WP update. I think the 925 will only get 16GB in the UK too, but for me it's not a problem because I have SkyDrive storage and Nokia Music streaming.
  • I'm really excited about this! I really hope that they will show off a new high end Windows Phone at this event.
  • Im excited because I know that SPRINT is supposed to get a WP8 device from Samsung and as they stated... "We dont want to come out with last years hardware"... They may unveil the NEW HIGH END device for SPRINT! One can only hope... jejeje
  • I hope Samsung isn't trying to kill Windows Phone
    I'd much prefer a HTC phone over a Samsung.  Samsung will not support a phone if only 5 people bought the previous WP Ativ.
  • Who cares, we have Nokia. Samsung does a half ass job on windows devices. I'd rather have my Nokia 920 and Dell XPS 12 than any cheaply made Samsung device.
  • i have samsung ativ s and belive me it is well made device and with good price at 270e
  • With none of the build quality issues of the Nokia devices either!!!!
  • Bingo
  • yup I have both the 920 and the ativ and the ativ is actually a pretty good made device.
  • I've a Focus S which I absolutely love. I do, however, wish Samsung were as supportive as Nokia. I had pretty much decided I would jump to Nokia for my next phone. However, if Sammy can release something alluring, I wouldn't rule it out.
  • Omnia 7, Focus and Ativ S are far from half ass. Ativ S is a superb and powerful handset. Absolutely Omnia 7 and love my Ativ S
  • Maybe for you, but for me the Focus was the most sh####y experience i have had on a mobile device, with sensors constantly failing and the GPS not working properly and their service center not willing to help even for money, so i sweared to me i will never ever  buy again a samsung device as they "know how to treat a customer" .
  • Focus was nice till the battery died just like alot of other Samsung focus phones
  • I will admit I believe I had better camera macro shots from my Samsung Focus S then I do from my Lumia 920... I also didn't have random reboots like I do from my 920!
  • And agian small grain of people who have random reboots I don't get them and with the new Nokia software updates there aren't as many problems so do us a favor actually update your device
  • Well the reboot problrm was unfortunately Windows Phone 8 problem. 
  • I don't know if you've ever handled the ATIV S, but it's a pretty solid device altogether and I haven't had any of the problems I've had with my Lumia 920 (it doesn't get nearly as hot, and no dust in my FFC!). Nokia has the leg up on software for sure though.
  • Which only some of u get because the majority don't have these problems
  • I too have an omnia 7. Fantastic device. Just heads up, it's been updated to 7.8. Also own a Lumia 920. I've owned at least 3 NOKIAS before they had WP and every single one of them had the reboot issues. So, I was reluctant on getting a NOKIA on WP myself. I took the plunge because I want people to know I own a WP to expand the brand. The more the merrier. Anyways, so far so good on that Lumia 920. It's only been two months, but it seems to work better than the ones I've previously owned.
  • Galaxy also stand for tablets. Ativ brand stands for entire windows 8 platform products. I think this event must be either WP with 16 MP camera and some copied things from Lumia camera. Or it will be focused on tablets only.
  • Probably some new laptops and tablets. Don't expect any ATIV phones. Maybe they show the ATIV for Sprint.
  • That was what I was gonna say. Sprint has said they will get WP8's from Sammy and HTC. An announcement here MIGHT make sense. But I am betting all tablets and laptops, no new phones, as well as most posters here.
  • the one pic in the top right corner sure does look like an ativ wp device, maybe the sprint one.
  • The masters of cheap, shiny plastic are back! /s
  • What do you think polycarbonate is then?
  • Not cheap and not shiny. Duh.
  • Ativ S isn't shiny and looks and feels like brushed metal.
  • But it's still plastic, so the argument is invalid. That "cheap and shiny" phone lasts over a day on a single charge, even with NFC enabled, has no dust issues and doesn't make you handle it like a hot lump of coal when you use it for more than a femtosecond!!!!!
  • I ordered a red housing for my 920...... It is very glossy. Almost looks wet. Just saying
  • Ativ S is plastic perfection.
  • I had a Samsung Omnia 7 as my wp7 device which I loved, then moved to Nokia Lumia 920 as my wp8 device.
    Samsung are a hardware brand they really should stay away from software as their wp offerings suck compared to Nokia.
    But in all fairness I don't think I could ever spend money on a Samsung Phone ever again after hearing about them paying people to bad mouth other OEM's with false reviews on websites
    I still like Samsung TV's but I will never ever buy one of their phone's ever again!
  • I'm with you but I willl not buy even Samsung T.V because I had bad experience with them also. We don't even know if it's only HTC that they paid someone to troll and right a bad reviews, they got cought that's the only way they admitted to it.
  • Last ativ tab, before they pulled out, was around $1000 in the nearby shop...
    No, bought my last Samsung device some years ago.
    Sorry Samsung, lost both faith and trust in you.
    Only Nokia is entitled to my gadget money...
  • All Sammy needs to do is give us an ATIV S2 in the states with Galaxy S4 specs, market it as hard as the GS4 and they'd leapfrog Nokia with their eyes closed. But you all are probably right. It'll be some new $600+ tablets and ultrabooks. But I can dream of an AS2 right?
  • So no ATIV S2 outside the US then. Oh sorry I forgot, the rest of the world doesn't exist does it?
  • #murica
  • Listen, the rest of the World got the ATIV S except for the USA. So may be release the 5.5in ATIV S in the US first then launch globally in 30days. I would glady upgrade my ATIV S for something like the above mentioned....yes, I'm a dreamer ;-)
  • Now that's a better option but it would be more likely that they will announce the release of the ATlV S in the US
  • Sheesh guy, calm down. I mentioned the US getting an AS2 because the rest of the world got the AS and we didn't, plus Sammy being #1 here would boost WP's popularity. We're all on the same team here.
  • Lol u mean the shitty gs4 with bad gimmick features tht don't even work right lol yes they will leap Nokia they will don't worry fanboy we will lose
  • Who cares what YOU think, Nokia Fanboy!!!!
  • Yes, they would leapfrog Nokia. NOK is just now starting to rebuild their image in the US while Samsung is dominating. If Sammy wanted to own the WP marketshare, they could do it with their hands tied behind their backs. People are looking at specs, not tech. While NOK's camera tech is #1, Sam's specs when compared leap out at consumers more. Remove your blinders please.
  • Microsoft is not gonna let any OEM jump too ahead of the set specs for this generation of phones. WP8 will be treated no different from WP7. 2nd generation WP8 phones will have slightly better specs with the release of WP8.5 but don't expect anything groundbreaking. They do this so everyone with WP8 will have a similar experience and be eligible for updates across all devices. Developers also benefit from having set specs. They benefit more from people running the same OS version and same hardware than everyone having different specs and OS versions (androids mess). Every 2 years MS will bump up the hardware, when most people are at the end of their contracts. Expect a major upgrade in hardware when WP9 releases next year. WP is following more of iphones model than androids when it comes to hardware. Remember, android may be king right now in marketshare but iOS is king in dev support and that's what MS wants
  • It could be on par with the G4 specs with a holiday release date to come out with Microsoft's W8 update.
  • I was going to say the same thing. With WP 8.1, they could bump the chassis spec to match what Samsung is doing with the GS4 and HTC is doing with the One.
  • No hardware support for the SoC or screen resolution on WP.
    getting a bit tiring to repeat this. People just think these manfuacturers can throw whatever hardware they want to the phone.
  • Uh isn't the OS getting a new major update this fall? It's gonna have to for the Nokia EOS. I'd assume this will be a ATIV S variant of the G4 to take advantage of the new OS.
  • If WP 8.1 bumps the max chassis spec and allows 1080P, the OEMs could have a field day. I don't just post hoping for a dream phone (that would be a Surface Phone), but with reason.
  • With all the news about Eos and nkia tablet, Samsung might have wanted to unveil their galaxy camera phone and some thing similar for Just to steel the limelight
  • Please, please Samsung announce that you will start taking WP more seriously and start supporting your Ativ S? Pleeeeaaseee!!!!
  • There will be a new Smartphone... Or two... ;-)
  • Releasing a new phone means nothing if you don't support it like Nokia does.
  • Nokia support is essentialy a never ending flow of bug fixes, because Nokia is unable to release a phone that has comes with decent firmware and software to start with... What on earth do I need that for? As to the exclusive apps, after a while they are no longer exclusive and I get them like everyone else. Last Nokia Drive... I just got me Navigon. Not to mention the Nokia (Made in China) random quality. So, pardon me, but I have other things to do than to install 20 updates a week and to keep curisng my Lumia for still not working.
  • I don't think we'll see a Ativ Windows Phone device until GDR3 enables 1080p displays (and thus enables them to just dump WP8 onto the GS4).
  • That made me lol. I won't put it past Samsung to do something like that. I hear people here saying the ativ s, focus and a so on are good devices ut what does those devices give you with near to no support from Samsung. Just compare the Samsung android flagship to the Samsung wp flagship and no i am not talking about specs here, i am talking about extra sofware features and advertisement. 
  • Was in Thailand last week and the price on the ATIV S had just dropped down to 9.900thb (330usd) on most stores in the Market Village mall in Hua Hin. I asked why so cheap? The answer was that Samsung had lowered the price, so i thought they wanted to clear out inventory. An Ativ S2 is probably released soon.
    I bought 4 of theese nice devices for selling/giving to family members. They also included a 16GB sdcard in the deal for each phone. Have now only one left, but will probably sell it too. My Lumia 920 is still my favourite WP8 device. 
  • I love my Lumia 920 but i would really like a winphone device with a camera like the one on the galaxy S4.
  • ATIV S is the closest I will ever get to a big screen and an SD card. Here's to hoping Samsung DOES release WP firmware on an S4 chassis...I'll be all over that. Nokia doesn't seem to be listening to those of us who want larger screens and SD money will go to whichever company gives me what I ask far, Samsung is that company. Yeah, they arent as pretty as the Nokias, and arent built as well (materials wise) as HTC, but I buy function and not fluff. I am an adult and my phones all get otterboxes and ride in a belt holster so I could give a damn what they look like, I want FUNCTION, Baby!
  • erhm the L720 has a SD Card slot in a unibody, granted its a middle tier device and so do the lower tier devices. Only hope is that EOS will have one.
    I don't see Samsung annoucing a WP8 with S4 specs until release of GDR3, this is probably we will see the Zenith unveiled too if HTC can stay afloat till then.
    Truth be to told I was in a half mind of getting the ATIV S when it first came out and I'm glad I didnot otherwise I'd be stuck with half assed software support. I'll give them this though the build quaility is solid.. until you drop it lol then it is as flimsy as a S3 (my colleague dropped it in a leather pouch on the pavement after being shoved by a dude in hurry to get the bus - lets just say he was glad he had "accidental damage cover" with his buisness tariff) unless you carry it in a rubber tank -).
  • At least they are more thinner and lighter than bulky heavy nokia 920
  • 928 also thinner noob
  • Who cares, you're a Nokia Fanboy. It takes one to know one, so who's the noob!!!!
  • I agree. I've been waiting for a 4.7 or 5.0 phone and I'm hoping that Samsung (or HTC, longshot) gives it to us.
  • Another lip service from Samsung so don't care.
  • Ativ brand phone for Sprint
  • Samsung could make a great piece of kit, I mean amazing. The problem is they don't do good software support. That is really where Nokia gets it right.
  • samsung ativ s II?
  • Sprint will be first US carrier get Samsung Ativ S. Just wish it was coming soon like sprint announced it.
  • And to upset some people here, it is rumored to be exclusive to Sprint.  I can already read articles by Rubino bashing both Samsung and Sprint, but will not write an article on the REAL reasons why Windows Phone devices are non exsistant on CDMA carriers outside Verizon (and soon SPRINT).
  • What are the reasons?  Sprint had the Arrive, and Verizon had the Trophy, back in 2011.
    Do you mean reasons related to Samsung WP phones, or WP phones in general?
  • There is more than Sprint and Verizon for the CDMA side of things.  There are regionals which all carried the Arrive/Pro 7 (including US Cellular, Premier, and Bluegrass Wireless), and there are the regionals and entire prepaid market which had zero choices for Windows Phone 7, and have no current plans for Windows Phone 8 because of a Microsoft who rather  focus on the GSM side of things.  
    Not a OEM issue, but a firmware problem on Microsoft's side when it comes to CDMA.  China Mobile coding is only good in China, not in the rest of the CDMA world, especially in the US, and that's where the major problem
    with Eindows Phone has been all the time.
  • Thought this was something I needed to put on my calendar... Think I'll pass.
  • Samsung S4 sold 10 million while nokia 920 can't even sell close to 10 million. Maybe if Samsung s4 made one for windows phone 8 OS
  • Samsung ATIV S4 will sell 100 K. you are in your own world man.. If Nokia lumia 920 was in Andriod it would have burnt Galaxy S3 and S4. Too bad it isn't.
  • Hmmm, why didn't they do that? Ohh because it wouldn't have worked like that. Samsung Galaxy is synonymous with Android and often confused all together with it.
  • Wait till LG takes over the crown.
  • +1
  • Not only that but Nokia would have been a small fish in a big pond!!!
  • I guess the age old question is: "Is it better to have a big piece of a small pie, or a small piece of a big pie."  I think Nokia made a good choice... Just look at HTC trying to fight the Sam-droid shark!
  • That's exactly what I was saying, if Nokia went with Android they would have been a small fish in a big pond.
  • As much as I love Nokia, if the Ativ S was available (or future iteration) in the US, it would easily replace my 920
  • Brace for a carrier change when that happens since it will be a Sprint exclusive for the SCH-I800 aka Ativ S for Sprint.
  • Oh well, looks like I'll be sticking with Nokia. I've learned my lesson with Sprint after I bought the Arrive that was never supported and left for dead!
  • That was not Sprint's doing.  Microsoft support for CDMA devices running WP7 was non exsitant.  HTC did what it could, and they were ordered by Microsoft to declare the Arrive as a device which reached its end of life.  Coincidence the Arrive was the first WP7 deviced declared EOL and it was the  only device almost EVERY CDMA CARRIER in the postpaid side chose?  Call it whatever you want but I call this a bias against those same carriers who are not touching WP8 until Microsoft uses Qualcomm based CDMA coding over the broken China Mobile standard currently used.
  • Incorrect, Sprint publicly said that they were not supporting Windows Phone devices or upgrading to new ones. After that all support for the Arrive dropped off. This was before the WP8/7.8 mess (no upgrades for Wp7 devices to WP8).
    If you want Windows Phone and your on Sprint, you have 2 options, Wait for ever till they "claim" they will release a new phone (ATIV S) or move to a carrier that will support Windows Phone.
  • New Ativ smartphone seems plausible .. Sprint is said to be launching Windows Phone devices around this time (late june / early july) as well.  But then again, I haven't seen any reports of new Samsung / WP devices going through FCC.  Fingers crossed that they do launch new WP devices and that a US carrier picks it up.
    I know many folks here are down on Samsung for their lack of support / advertising.  I still think Windows Phone benefits from multiple / top tier oems.
  • Great news! Let's be honest here. Samsung Ativ S is the best all round WP: biggest screen (4.8) very light (135 gr), great design (same as G3), expandable storage, solid build (no random patches). Yep, all essentials not available in ANY Nokia device. I really hope that SAMSUNG will release ATIV 2. It will be bonus if they decided to promote the product. We really need SAMSUNG on board. They know how to build and sell phones. That's why there are #1 at the moment. Since I switched from my 920 to ATIV I know what my next phone will be. For anyone that have not tried ATIV (still not available in US) please be open minded. Nokia is doing great job in pushing W8 but still plays catch up.
  • Yes. Samsung Ativ S is the cutting and bleeding edge in mobile phones.
  • Raise a glass to that Michael!
    Love mine here in NC.
  • Lol wat fan boy please leave
  • Why should he leave, you're the one who's the fanboy here!!!
  • Lol wow we have,other range of,features not found in phones like urs so u suck fan boy
  • Really, like what? Dust under the screen, a battery that drains quicker when NFC is enabled or overheating. I don't call those features, I call them major issues. But maybe the Nokia Distortion Field has kicked in for you, so that would explain it!!!!
  • Samsung ATIV Camera??? Galaxy MEGA? Ativ S 2 (with 16mp camera). Or maybe a Note variation on WP?
  • Samsung ATIV Note? I'd rather it carry Windows 8 RT and get more functionality for that size (plus phone features, of course). But, I like that idea. :)
  • Waiting for Nokia World.
  • Samsung need to start producing some updates for the ativ. Wish l had gone with Nokia given some of the extra development attributed to the platform.
  • I'm with you, hence me buying the ATIV S and not the 4.5in 920 or 928 or 925.
  • Looking fwd to see the ativ. That teaser pic shows a very thin laptop screen!
  • Iwould like to see Samsung get into the wp device market in a really big way.  That would drive market share as well as mindshare even higher for th ecosystem.   If they would devote at least half the money and effort they have been putting on android  towards windows phone  they would exponentially incraese wp matket share.
  • I won't hold my breath, but if they come through I will shout from the rooftops =[
  • they should be serious this time in the ATIV line....
  • I am not worried any thing Nokia rules windows phone market..ive got htc 8x tho i love it. Would rather see htc do a high end windows phone with the style of HTC ONE now that would be a phone to look out for
  • Oh Look, all the Nokia Fanboys have come out of the woodwork determined to ruin this news for us Samsung owners!!!!
  • New, high-end, 15" laptop with same build quality as Macbook Pro.
  • Galaxy Note 3!!! X-D
  • If I were an avid Samsung Android device carrier I would be a little upset at the pace in which Samsung refreshes, or sequels it's devices.
  • For the NOKIA fans...NOKIA themselves have stated they would like to see more OEMS make WP hardware, so they're more than happy to have more OEMS onboard.
  • I'm one of those Nokia fans but even I'm glad that HTC and Samsung are on board, despite not being a Samsung fan. Had a HTC Titan prior to the Nokia Lumia 920 that I have now though. Great phone and I definitely say HTC are an asset to WP, as are Samsung. Each device has its own perks and pitfalls, I just found the 920 matched me best
  • Lol
  • looking at the press release/invite photos, the photo on the top right appears to be a phone, maybe a new WP8 for Sprint, since the S4 was just released, and since Sprint proclaims that they won't use old WP8 hardware.
    The photo on the bottom left looks like its hinting at an Ultrabook.
    The photo on the bottom right appears to hint at a camera lens.
  • Yeah!!!! Bring them on Samsung!!!
    Here is my wishlist:
    1. Colorful, sleek design, innovative, 5" display, WP8 smartphone with stylus.
    2. Colorful, sleek design, innovative W8 tablet.
    3. Colorful, sleek design, innovative W8 TABLE-tablet (27' or more).
  • Just wanted to let all the Nokia fanboys know, your bubble is getting smaller! Even the Finnish would rather buy a foreign product made in Korea than a homegrown Nokia! IDC report: Samsung sold more phones than Nokia in Finland during Q1 2013